17 Under NIKE Super Showcase




By Harry Douglas


College coaches, now that the summer has come to an end, the college last day was July 31st, midnight.  To get a head start on the upcoming young talent, my staff and I will be present at the 14 Under Nationals at Disney for two days.  I would like for the young people to know who plays the game of basketball that they are well represented.  All they have to do is play the game and get their education.  The recruiting GURU I would like to give props to Clark Francis of Hoopscoop, Tom Jones, Justin Young  of Rival.com, Dave Telep of Scout.com, Brick Oettinger, Rob Harrington of Prep Stars, John Stovall, Vince Baldwin  of Prep Spotlight and Ron Brisco of Southeast Report.  I would like to thank our staff for all of their spring and summer contributions: Jessie Fleming of Southeast, GA, Horace Neysmith of GA Report, Curtis Wheeler South Carolina Editor, Damon Key, GA Editor, Brian Miller, Alabama Editor, Jeremy Shulman Tennessee Editor, Mike Patrick, GA Editor,  Joe Diaz Photos from the Buckeye State Ohio and all the high school coaches.  Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine is one of the Nation's most noticeable recruiting services.  This makes our 10th year serving the youth of America in a positive way.


Coming later, we will bring the Top 25 National Travel Teams this summer; 2007 New Top 100 Players, also 2008; Georgia Top 100 2007 and 2008.  Stay tuned because we are going to surprise you.  Recap of Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine's  staff attendance: NBA Players Camp, Houston Kingwood, NIKE Super Showcase, AAU Jr. Nationals, NIKE Peach Jam, Adidas Showtime, NIKE All-American Camp and ABCD Camp.



AAU Jr. Nationals 




By Harry Douglas







             Walker and Mayo




D-1 Greyhound came into the Jr. Nationals loaded with talent.  The first night I saw this team play against OBC elite.  They struggled for three quarters  and I stated to several college coaches that  Greyhound would win the Jr. Nationals and they did.  The team was loaded with talent such as 6-9 Dallas Lauderdale, 6-9 Alex Tyrus, 6-6 Billy Walker, 6-4 O. J. Mayo, 6-0 Josh Miller, 6-7 Darius Miller and 6-6 John Brown.  D-1 Greyhound O. J. Mayo scored 22 points with four 3's and teammates Billy Walker scored 28 points, Dallas Lauderdale scored 8 points with 10 rebounds, Aaron Pogue scored 8 points with 9 rebounds.  Leading scorer for Boo Williams Summer League Team was 6-0 Chris Wright with 18 points and Patrick Patterson scored 14 points. 

The Greyhounds defeated Alabama Ice, Old Gold Dream Team, Georgia Blazers 49-46.  North Carolina Gaters to advance to Championship.  On the other hand, the Minnesota pulled off some upsets to reach the Finals defeating Alabama Challenge, Lena Park, Illinois Wolves, Arkansas Wings to advance to the finals.  The AAU Jr. Nationals needed D-1 Greyhound at this event to bring more talent to the pool.  Although there was a lot of talent, the event organized  and ran well the top teams seemed to go out west.  Hopefully, next year many other team will attend this event because the college coaches were definitely there in high number.





By Harry Douglas



The Super Showcase was a classic with final match up Team Melo VS SYF.  SYF was last year champions. The game was  physical and a little out of hand, but SYF received consistent play from three amigo's Martin, Moore and Hummel.  These three players will suit up for Purdue.  Moore scored 18 points, Martin 12 points, Hummel 5 points, Greg Hill 11 points.  The score was 54-50  Team Melo who features 6-8 Donta Green scored 8 points.  6-5 Sean Mosley who scored 19 points was also solid.  6-4 Malcolm Delaney from Towson Catholic MD scored 10 points.  In the Semi-Finals, SYF players defeated the Charlotte Royals 68-64.  Martin scored 13 points, Hummel 14 points and Moore 15 points.  Charlotte  Royals 6-5 Dorenzo Hudson scored 19 points.  Team Melo beat All Ohio Red 76-57.  Sean Mosely scored 24 points, Donta Green 14 points and Malcolm Delaney 23 points.  All Ohio received 18 points from Nate Miles and 17 points from Kennan Ellis.




By Harry Douglas



16 Under NIKE Super Showcase youth served at this event. BABC comes out on Top.  16's Gaucos 6-2 Kemba Walker, Georgia  Stars 6-8 Al-Faroug Aminu, BABC 6-7 Jamal Coombs, Memphis YOMCA 6-7 Ferrakohn Hall and  BABC 6-9 Alex Orikhl were  the Top Players  16 Under NIKE Super Showcase.








       5-6 PG Phil Pressley

              Boston, MA



16 Under NIKE Super Showcase were all 15 Under teams in the Finals.  BABC VS Memphis YOMCA.  BABC were crowned champions in a 66-59 victory.  If there was a MVP in the 16 Under Showcase, 5-6 Phil Pressly was it.  Pressley is an eighth grader who is going to the ninth and he was the best player in the tournament.  This oung gun knows the game.  BABC Team has at least 6 D-1 players.  BABC received superior play from 6-6 WF Jamal Coombs, who is a big, fine athlete.  He has the total package.  6-9 PF Alex Oriakhl a young stub who already has size and strength.  It's scary what the future may hold for this young man.  6-3 SG Daryl Gilaye is a solid guard who can score and defend.  6-8 Eric Murphy, a fundamental player is the son of former NBA player Paul Murphy.  This BABC team is loaded.  The Memphis YOMCA 6-8 SF Ferrakohn Hall is a big-time player.  5-6 Everick Morris is an explosive point guard.  6-6 Johnny Williams is a big, strong, athletic player.  6-4 Chris House and 6-4 Greg Wooten played well for YOMCA.   Look for Memphis YOMCA to be a big force next year.  In the Semi-Final BABC defeated the Georgia Stars Black  56-52.  Georgia Stars 6-8 Al-Faroug Aminu is the best rising junior in the country.  This man has the total package and the sky is the limit.  Also 6-9 Tony Wood, 6-4 Tanner Smith, 6-7 Wesley Witherspoon.  Memphis YOMCA beat Georgia Stars.  The Georgia Stars had two 16's teams in the Final Four in which was shaped up to be an all Georgia Final.  Georgia Stars Black did the unexpected coached by Moody Norris.  They did a great job to get to the semi-finals.  6-9 Darius Morrow, 6-5 Travis Leslie, 6-5 Allen Mallory, 6-2 Moody Norris, 6-3 Evan Snelling played well throughout the showcase.  Look for this team to add a couple of pieces.  They will be a top notch team.  6-9 Darius Morrow and 6-5 Travis Leslie  improved their stock tremendously.  Throughout the tournament, college coaches were inquiring about them.  The Atlanta Celtics Gold Team 6-5 Delwon Graham and 6-8 Dennis Harris also turned many coaches heads with their performance.  

Reebok Big-time Tournament


By Staff

SCA captured the Big-Time with a 69-63 victory over Meanstreets.  The Southern Cal All-stars who is the #1 traveling team this summer was led by 6-9 Kevin Love and  6-4 Brandon Jenning. This event was larger with so many teams,  it was impossible to see half of the them.  According to Horace Neysmith, Hoopscoop Editor, the Big-Time was loaded.  The players that performed well in the three events were 6-9 Kevin Love, 6-4 Eric Gordon, 6-3 Derrick Rose, 6-1 Larry Drew, 6-1 Brandon Jennings, 6-9 Renardo Syndey, 6-5 O. J. Mayo, 6-3 James Harden, 6-0 Kevin Grady, 6-3 True Holiday, 6-9 Malcolm Thomas, 6-7 Taylor King, 6-2 Jeffery Teague, 6-11 Clinton Chapmon, 6-4 LaDarius Hall, 6-8 Drew Gordon, 6-7 Billy Allen, 6-10 Carbin Mcore, 6-9 James Hickson, 6-8 Tracy Smith, 6-5 Tony Neysmith, 6-0 Craig Brackins, and 6-3 Jerryd Bayless.  

Kevin Love is a beast, strong and physical.  He beats you down on blocks and there is no stopping him.  UCLA is a good fit for Love.  We also like the Atlanta Hawks assistant coach son 6-0 Larry Drew, Jr. from Woodland Hills (Taft), CA , 6-1 Brandon Jennings, 6-7 Taylor King, 6-5 Malik  Story and Daniel Hackett.  Drew is a pure point guard who gets everyone involved.  Look for Drew to stay on the west coast.  Meanstreet 6-5 Tim Flowers is the most underrated player in the country.  All Flowers does is bang with big boys and never says a word.  Yes, he undersize, but he could play for me any day.  Whoever recruit this young man is going to have a quality player.  This year, Sonny Vaccaro's Big-Time Tournament  was the best tournament of the summer and had the most talent.  Hal Posner's Houston Kingwood Classic was the best of the spring with the most talent.  The only know is you can't see all the teams.  6-3 Derek Rose and 6-3 Eric Gordon will move up in the Top 5 when our new rankings come out.  Rose is the best point guard in his class.  Eric Gordon finished as the leading scorer in the Big-time Tournament with 29.2 ppg.


Adidas Super 64

Pump N Run Elite out lasted DC Assault.  Pump N Run James Hardin was the MVP in the 16 Under Division.  Indiana Elite were champions.  Open division Cleveland Basketball Club Pump N Run beat Florida Rams and GC Ballers to get to the Finals.  DC Assault beat Atlanta Celtics and Bay Area Hoosiers to get to the Finals with Pump N run winning Super 64.  


NIKE Main Events


By Staff

Houston Hoops were crowned Champions of the NIKE Main Events with a victory over last year's winners, Friends of Hoops.  Houston Hoops defeated Houston Heat, Curitino Mobley and AZ Perimer BC to advance to the finals.  Friends of Hoops defeated Arizona Stars, KC Keys Gold, Cecikirk King James shooting to advance to the Finals in Platinum Round with Houston Hoops crowned winners.  



2006 NIKE Peach Jam



By Harry Douglas

The NIKE Peach Jam was very entertaining this year to see a team with a 6-5 center to win the Peach Jam.  Mean Streets  ran away with the championship beating SYF Players 72-52.  Eric Gordon scored a game high of 25 points with 10 rebounds. Teammate Derke Rose scored 13 points with 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Unsung hero 6-5 Tim Flowers who played consistent throughout the Peach Jam.  Flowers scored 13 points with 21 rebounds.  SYF was down by 23 points and couldn't recover.  SYF Scott Martin only scored 4 points, E'Twuan Moore 11 points, Robbie Hummel 6 points, Greg Hill scored 23 points.  Mean Streets had to face big physical Boo Williams team in the Semi-Finals.  Mean Streets played a 2-3 zone to contain 6-8 Patrick Patterson and 6-9 Ed Davis.  The match was one that I want to see, Chris Wright against Derek Rose.  Rose came out on top and so did his team.  Rose scored 24 points with 7 assists and 4 rebounds; Eric Gordon scored 17 points with 7 rebounds and 4 assists; Tim Flowers scored 12 points with 15 rebounds.  Mean Streets center Tim Flowers grabbed 36 rebounds in two games.  Boo Williams Chris Wright scored 12 points, Ed Davis scored 14 points with 5 rebounds and 3 blocks.  Patrick Patterson was held to 13 points, 5 rebounds and 4 blocks in the other semi-final game.  SYF defeated Illinois Warriors 64-56.  Scott Martin led SYF with 19 points, E'Twuan Moore scored 16 points with 5 rebounds.  Illinois Warriors Bill Cole scored 14 points with 7 rebounds, Aaron Johnson scored 6 points with 11 assists and Manuel Cass scored 11 points.  


16 Under New York Gaucho's Captures the Peach Jam

Title win over Alabama Challenge.  Jordan and Walker 

leads the way.











       5-10 Jordan Theodore

Englewood, NJ- Patterson Catholic


The Alabama Challenge came up short despite having two chances to tie the game.  But the Gauchos held on to capture the 16's NIKE Peach Jam.  The Gaucho's received strong play from Jordan Theodore and Kemba Walker.  Walker scored 19 points with 8 rebounds and 4 assists.  Jordan scored 18 points and Markell Rice scored 10 points.  The Challenge received strong production from Andrew Steele who scored a high 21 points.  Jamychal Green scored 12 points with 7 rebounds.  Amos Studiuant scored 10 points with 6 rebounds and 5 assists.  The game went back and forth.  The Challenge who were in the Semi-finals had a miracle shot to beat Boo Williams 60-59 to advance to the finals.  On the other hand, The Gaucho's knocked off  hard fought Georgia Stars team 66-61.  The Alabama Challenge received strong play from Jamychal Green who scored 22 points with 7 rebounds.  Andrew Steel scored 18 points.  Boo Williams André Jones scored 22 points with 7 rebounds.  The Gauchos Kemba Walker was a big time force in the game scored 27 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists.  6-8 Devin Hill scored 6 points with 12 rebounds and 4 blocks.  The Georgia Stars 6-10 Tony Woods played big time and scored 12 points with 8 rebounds and 6 blocks.  Tanner Smith scored 11 points, 6-8 Al-Faroug Aminu scored 10 points with 6 rebounds but fouled out.  

Overall the Peach Jam was a good tournament.  The Georgia Stars who finished in a three-way tie went 4-1 and was left out in what was a strong pool.  The Stars received strong play from Gani Lawal, Chris Barnes and Cameron Tatum.  


2006 Peach Jam 17U Top Scorers

Rank Player


1 Eric Gordon

Mean Streets Express

2 Chan Parsans Team Florida 25.4
3 Blake Griffin Athletes first 23.6
4 Nick Calathes Team Florida 22.8
5 Tyreke Evans Team Final 22.5
6 Isiah Thomas Seattle FOH Seattle 22.0
7 Willie Warren Team Texas 21.8
8 Gani Lawal Georgia Stars 20.8
9 Kyle Singer Portland Legends 19.8
10 Jam Peterson Metro Hawks 19.6


Atlanta Celtics Adidas Summer Classic



By Harry Douglas

The Georgia Hurricanes beat the Mid State Ballers on a last second shot to win the first Atlanta Celtics Basketball Classic.  It was a classic all the way to the end.  The Hurricanes who beat the Memphis Celtics.  The Atlanta Select to get to the championship.  The mid State Ballers defeated the Carolina Celtics and Arkansas Hawks to get to the Final.  Throughout the tournament, The Hurricanes received strong play from 6-2 Trevor Gaskins and also from 6-8 Tracy Smith, 6-6 Jordan DeMercy, 6-6 Cameron Heywood, 6-5 Zach Graham continue to play well after finish up strong at ABCD. Graham stated that he's doing his best and the rest will take care of itself.  Graham is a very talented athlete who has major offers in both basketball and football. Georgia Hurricanes Tracy Smith who was my MVP is a good looking athlete who can do so many things.  He's difficult to guard at the 3 position and he had a great tournament.   The Mid State Ballers played high this week without three starters, but 6-6 sophomore Scotty Hopson helped the Ballers hop over some tough opponents.  Hopson is a big time player with good size and is very athletic.  I was impressed with the play of 6-6 Jeff McClain.  He's a good athlete who moves well on defense and offense.  He has soft hands.  6-2 Matt Migiel is a shooter who can light it up.  6-5 WF Kevin Smith, 6-6 Josh Sain and 6-2 Juwon Long made a great contribution to the Ballers' success.    

The 16's Under Atlanta Celtics Gold team won the basketball classic with a tough win over Worldwide by 4 points.  The Atlanta Celtics Gold received strong play from 6-8 Dennis Harris.  If I had to pick a MVP, I would pick Harris.  Harris was a big force on the perimeter and in the paint.  There were also times when Dennis Harris showed some nice ball handling skills.  Harris has great potential.  6-5 Delwan Graham played solid throughout the classic.  5-10 Pierre Jordon played strong, especially in the show down in the Semi-Final against the Atlanta Celtics Green.    Jordan ran the team well.  6-5 Chris Beasley, 6-8 Chris Singleton played well for the Celtics.  Worldwide 6-5 SG Teondre Williams led the team to the championship.  Williams was one of the tournament's best players.  He has gotten stronger and looks to be in great shape.  Williams is  a big-time prospect.  6-8 A. J. Hawkins, 5-10 Corey Tower, 6-1 Kevin Williams played well throughout the tournament.  


YPSRM All-Tournament Team

MVP- Tracy Smith- Georgia Hurricanes

Trevor Gaskins- Georgia Hurricanes

Tony Neysmith- Georgia Hurricanes

Jordon DeMercy- Georgia Hurricanes

Cameron Heywood- Georgia Hurricanes

Zach Graham- Georgia Hurricanes

Scotty Hopson- Mid State Ballers

Jeff McClain- Mid State Ballers

Matt Smigielsh- Mid State Ballers

Kevin Smith- Mid State Ballers

Juwon Long- Mid State Ballers

Terrell Bell- Atlanta Celtics

Dennis Harris- Atlanta Celtics

Howard Thompkins- Atlanta Celtics

Pierre Jordon- Atlanta Celtics

Montavious Adams- Atlanta Celtics

Delwon Graham- Atlanta Celtics

Cashmere Wright- Atlanta Celtics

Cecil Bent- Atlanta Celtics

Tony Mitchell- Atlanta Celtics

Terrance Shannon- Atlanta Celtics

Derrick Favor- Atlanta Celtics

Deandre Byunm- Memphis Celtics

Amette Moultre- Memphis Celtics

Rockeem Henderson- Memphis Celtics

Martino Brook- Memphis Celtics

Markeith Cummings- South Georgia Kings

Casey Mitchell- South Georgia Kings

Mikal Lewis- Atlanta Select

Anthony Rapley- Atlanta Select

Mark Gomilla- Interstrebgth Elite

Laron Dendy- Carolina Celtics

Justin Brownlee- Smyrna Stars

Dunnell Webb- Smyrna Stars

Carter McMasters- Smyrna Stars

Michael Calhoun- Smyrna Stars

Jahaziel Howard- SW Atlanta Christian Academy

Nate Ralestraw- Arkansas Hawks

Caby Ngoundjo- Arkansas Hawks

Timothy Johnson- Arkansas Hawks


Top Three Camps Final Results

(NIKE-All American Camp, Reebok ABCD Camp and Adidas Superstar Camp)

By Harry Douglas


This has been a very exciting time for me especially seeing the Georgia and southeast players playing so well in the big three camps. We have the final of top players at the camps.  I am going to list my Top 30 Players for all camps, starting with the NIKE All-American Camp.  The best player # 1 was 6-9 Donte Green from Towson (Catholic), MD.  # 2. 6-6 Billy Walker from Cincinnati (North College Hill), OH. # 3. 6-9 Kevin Love from Lake Oswego (HS), OR. # 4. 6-1 Jr. Brandon Jennings from Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill, VA). # 5. 6-3 Eric Gordon from Indianapolis (North Central), IN. #6. 6-5 O. J. Mayo from Cincinnati (North College Hill), OH. # 7. 6-8 Michael Beasley from Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill), VA. # 8. 6-9 Patrick Patterson from Huntington (HS), WV.  # 9. 6-5 So. Lance Stephenson from Brooklyn (Lincoln), NY. #10. 6-9 James Hickson from Marietta (Wheeler), GA. # 11. 6-9 Anthony Randolph from Dallas (Woodrow Wilson), TX. # 12. 6-8 Alex Tyus from Cincinnati (Harmony Christian), OH. #13. 6-8 Tracy Smith from Durham (Mt. Zion), NC. # 14. 6-3 Nolan Smith from Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill), VA. # 15. 6-7 Devin Ebanks from Lenior (Patterson School), NC. # 16. 6-10 Jr. Greg Monroe from Gretna (Helen Cox), LA. #17. 7.0 Kosta Kaufas from Canton (Glenoak), OH. # 18. 6-5 Nick Calathes from Winter Park (Lake Howell), FL. # 19. 6-0 Chris Wright from Washington, DC (St. John's), DC. # 20. 6-9 Jr. Matt Simphins from Sacramento (Capital Christian), CA.  # 21. 6-9 Renardo Sidney from Lakewood (Artesia), CA. # 22. 6-5 Kalin Lucas from Dearbon (Redford Christian), MI. # 23. 6-8 Jr. Howard Thompkins from Mouth of Wilson (Oak Hill), VA. #24. 6-0 Johnny Flynn from Niagara Falls (HS). #25. 6-10 So. Demarcus Cousins from Birmingham, AL (Erwin High). #26. 6-4 Jr. Tyeke Evans from Aston (American Christian), PA. # 27. 6-6 Darquavis Tucker from Saginaw (Arthur Hill), MI. # 28. 6-8 Jr. Delvon Roe from Laekwood (St. Edwards), OH. # 29. 6-8 Jr. Luke Babbit from Reno (Galena), NV. and # 30. 6-8 James Johnson from Cheyenne (East), WV.

The players listed above are the Top 30 who stood out.  Most of these players are ranked in the top of their class.  All three of the camps were a success.  The NIKE All-American Camp was very organized and well ran camp. The camp's MVP Donta Green was awesome since the second day of his arrival.  Patrick Patterson was right behind Green.  Jr. 6-10 Greg Monroe has good up size and was very impressive throughout the camp and so was 6-7 James Johnson, 6-5 James Anderson and 6-6 Chris Wright. Wright is a stud, who is a very athletic player .  University of Dayton has the  steal of the year.  The NIKE All-American Camp probably had the best depth of talent.  The talent was even across the board.  The surprise of the camp was Georgia's 6-6 Jordan DeMercy who didn't initially receive an invite, but receive an invite to attend the Adidas Superstar Camp in Indianapolis.  His high school coached convinced NIKE to take Jordon after a couple off no shows and Jordan took advantage of the opportunity.  DeMercy received several major offers from Notre Dame, Arkansas, William of Mary, LSU and Virginia Tech.  DeMercy even had Coach Roy William talking and at the end, Kentucky wanted in on him.  This is not bad for a player who only had several mid-major offers.  Jordan DeMercy also made the All-star Team.  The state of Georgia had 3 players to make the All-star Team, the state of Alabama had 4 players, the state of Ohio had 6 players, the state of Indiana had 4 players and  the state of Illinois had 4 players to make the Allstar Team at the NIKE All American Camp.

Top Players in the NIKE All-American Camp


Rank Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State
1 Donte Green 6-8 2007 WF Towson/Catholic/MD
2 Patrick Patterson 6-9 2007 PF Huntington/HS/WV
3 DeMarcus Cousins 6-10 2009 C Birmingham/Erwin/AL
4 Chris Wright 6-0 2007 PG Washington /St. John's/DC
5 Tyreke Evans 6-5 2008 2G Aston /American Christian/PA
6 Greg Monroe 6-10 2008 C Gretna/Helen Cox/LA
7 Delvoe Roe 6-8 2008 WF Lakewood/St. Edwards/OH
8 Kosta Koufos 7-0 2007 C Canton/Glenoak/OH
9 Cordell Passley 6-2 2008 PG Indianapolis/Pike/IN
10 Solomon Alabi 7-1 2007 C Montverde/Academy/FL
10 James Anderson 6-8 2007 WF Cheyenne/East/WV

NIKE All-American Camp- Other Top Players

Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State

Allen, Jeff




Chatham/Hargrove Military/VA

Aminu, Al-Faroug





Anderson, James




Junction City/HS/AR

Bryan-Amaning, Matthew




Surrey/South Kent/ENG

Calathes, Nick




Winter Park/Lake Howell/FL

DeMercy, Jordan





Diebler, John




Upper Sandusky/HS/OH

Dunigan, Michael





Farrakham, Mustapha




Harvey/Thornton Township/IL

Freeman, Austin





Gibson, Xavier





Goode, George





Griffin, Blake




Oklahoma City/Oklahoma Christian

Harris, Corperryale





Harris, Rashanti




Columbus/New Hope/MS

Henry, Xavier




Oklahoma City/Putnam City/OK

Holloway, Murphy




Irmo/Dutch Fork/SC

Hudson, Dorenzo




Charlotte/Forest Hill/NC

Hummel, Robbie





Johnson, Aaron





Johnson, Gary





Knight, Brandon 6-2 2010 PG Coral Springs/Pine Crest/FL

Lawal, Gani





Lucas, Jai





Martin, Scott





McGee, Brandon





Miles, Nate




San Antonio/Cornerstone Christian/TX

Moore , E-Twuan




East Chicago/Central/IN

Mosley, Sean




Baltimore/St. Francis/MD

Page, La'Shay 6-1 2008 PG Latta/HS/SC

Pullen, Jacob




Maywood/Proviso East/IL

Robinson, Nasir




Chester/American Christian/PA

Samuels, Samardo




Laurelton//St. Patrick/NY

Singler, Kyle





Stanback, Chace




Los Angeles/Fairfax/CA

Strickland, Dexter




Elizabeth/St. Patrick/NJ

Sullivan, Frankie, Jr.




Uniontown/Robert C. Hatch/AL

Summers, Durrell




Dearborn/Redford Cov. Christian/MI

Tyler, Jeremy




Chula Vista/East Lake/CA

Vaughn, Julian




Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA

Walker, Martez




Bessemer/Montverde Acad./ AL

Warren, Willie




Ft. Worth/N. Crowley/TX

Wright, Chris






NIKE All-American Camp Top Centers 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 DeMarcus Cousins 6-10 2009 Birmingham/Erwin/AL
2 Solomon Alabi 7-1 2007 Montverde/Academy/FL
3 Greg Monroe 6-10 2008 Gretna/Helen Cox/LA
4 Kosta Koufos 7-0 2007 Canton/Glenoak/OH
5 Julian Vaughn 6-9 2007 Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
6 Rashanti Harris 6-9 2008 Columbus/New Hope/MS
7 Xavier Gibson 6-10 2008 Dothan/HS/AL
8 Christian Morris 6-9 2008 South Kent/Prep/CT
9 Ayodele Coker 6-10 2007 South Kent/Prep/CT
10 Kenny Frease 6-11 2008 Massillon/Perry/OH


NIKE All-American Camp Top Power Forwards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Patrick Patterson 6-9 2007 Huntington/HS/WV
2 Jeff Allen 6-7 2006 Chatham/Hargrove Military/VA
3 Aminu, Al-Faroug 6-8 2008 Norcross/HS/GA
4 Lawal, Lani 6-8 2007 Norcross/HS/GA
5 George Goode 6-8 2007 Raytown/South/MO
6 Gary Johnson 6-7 2007 Houston/Aldine/TX
7 Blake Griffin 6-8 2007 Oklahoma City/Oklahoma Christian/OK
8 Brandon McGee 6-7 2007 Chicago/Crane/IL
9 A. J. Stewart 6-9 2007 Jacksonville/Arlington Country Day/FL
10 Matthew Bryan-Amaning 6-9 2007 South Kent/Prep/CT
11 Michael Dunijan 6-9 2008 Chicago/Farragut/IL


NIKE All-American Camp Top Wing Forwards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Donte Green 6-8 2007 Towson/Catholic/MD
2 Delvon Roe 6-8 2008 Lakewood/St. Edwards/OH
3 James Johnson 6-8 2007 Cheyenne/East/WV
4 Nate Miles 6-7 2008 San Antonio/Cornerstone Christian/TX
5 Chris Wright 6-7 2007 Trotwood/Madison/OH
6 James Anderson 6-6 2007 Junction/HS/AR
7 Murphy Holloway 6-7 2008 Irmo/Dutch fork/SC
8 Nasir Robinson 6-4 2008 Aston/American Christian/PA
9 Martez Walker 6-6 2008 Montverde/Academy/FL
10 Toby Veal 6-6 2008 Savannah/Sol C. Johnson/GA
11 Chandler Parsons 6-8 2007 Winter Park/Lake Howell/FL
12 Robbie Hummel 6-8 2007 Valparaiso/HS/IN
13 Scott Martin 6-8 2007 Valparaiso/HS/IN
14 Clarence Trent 6-7 2008 Gig Harbor/HS/WA
15 Jordan DeMercy 6-6 2007 Norcross/HS/GA
16 Mike Singletary 6-5 2007 Houston/Kingwood/TX


NIKE All-American Camp Top 2 Guards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Tyreke Evans 6-5 2008 Aston/American Christian/PA
2 Austin Freeman 6-5 2007 Hyattsville/DeMatha/MD
3 Dexter Strickland 6-3 2009 Elizabeth/St. Patrick/NJ
4 James Anderson 6-5 2007 Junction City/HS/AR
5 Nasir Robinson 6-3 2008 Chester/American Christian/PA
6 Martez Walker 6-5 2008 Bessemer/Montverde Academy./AL
7 Sean Mosley 6-4 2008 Baltimore/St. Francis/MD
8 Corperryale Harris 6-5 2007 Detroit/Redford/MI
9 Durrell Summers 6-5 2007 Dearborn/Redford Covenant Christian/MI
10 Nick Calathes 6-5 2007 Winter Park/Lake Howell/FL
11 Dorenzo Hudson 6-5 2007 Charlotte/forest Hill/NC
12 John Diebler 6-6 2007 Upper Sandusky/HS/OH
13 Paul Williams 6-3 2008 Detroit/Renaissance/MI
14 Cory Higgins 6-4 2007 Danville/Monte Vista/CA


NIKE All-American Camp Top Point Guards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Chris Wright 6-0 2007 Washington/HS/DC
2 Cordell Passley 6-2 2008 Indianapolis/Pike/IN
3 E'Twuan Moore 6-4 2007 East Chicago/Central/IN
4 Jai Lucus 5-10 2007 Houston/Bellaire/TX
5 Kalin Lucas 6-1 2007 Orchard Lake/St. Mary's/MI
6 Jacob Pullen 6-0 2007 Maywood/Proviso East/IL
7 Frankie Sullivan 6-0 2008 Uniontown/Robert Antioch/AL
8 Aaron Johnson 5-8 2007 Chicago/Hubbard/IL
9 Willie Warren 6-3 2008 Fort Worth/North Crawley/TX
10 La'Shay Page 6-1 2008 Latta/HS/SC
11 Dexter Strickland 6-2 2009 Rahway/St. Patrick/NJ
12 Taylor Battle 5-11 2007 Albany/Bishop Maguin/NY
13 Terrell McKenzie 6-1 2007 Paramus/Catholic/NJ
14 Jamelle McMillan 6-2 2007 Seattle/O'dea/WA
15 Shelton Brown 5-10 2007 Bethune/Bowman/SC
16 Brandon Knight 6-2 2010 Coral Spring/Pine Crest/FL
17 Maurice Miller 6-1 2007 Memphis/Raleigh-Egypt/TN


NIKE All-American Top Underclassmen 

Rank Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State
1 DeMarcus Cousins 6-10 2009 C Birmingham/Erwin/AL
2 Tyreke Evans 6-5 2008 2G Aston/American Christian/PA
3 Cordell Passley 6-2 2008 PG Indianapolis/Pike/IN
4 Delvon Roe 6-8 2008 WF Lakewood/St. Edwards/OH
5 Greg Monroe 6-10 2008 C Gretna/Helen Cox/LA
6 Nate Miles 6-7 2008 WF San Antonio/Cornerstone Christian/TX
7 Al-Faroug Aminu 6-8 2008 PF Norcross/HS/GA
8 Samardo Samuels 6-8 2008 Laurelton/St. Patrick/NY
9 Rashanti Harris 6-9 2008 C Columbus/New Hope/MS
9 Xavier Gibson 6-10 2008 C Dothan/HS/AL
10 Murphy Holloway 6-7 2008 WF Irmo/Dutch Fork/SC
11 Nasir Robinson 6-4 2008 WF Aston/American Christian/PA
12 Sean Mosley 6-4 2008 2G Baltimore/St. Francis/MD
13 Dexter Strickland 6-3 2009 2G Elizabeth/St. Patrick/NJ
14 Martez Walker 6-5 2008 SG Bessemer/Montverde Acad./AL
15 Frank Sullivan, Jr. 6-0 2008 Uniontown/Robert C. Hatch/AL
16 Jordan Hamilton 6-6 2009 Los Angeles/Hales Franciscan/CA


Reebok ABCD Camp

By Horace Neysmith


Georgia Hoopscoop Co-Editor Horace Neysmith provided most of the scoop at the ABCD Camp.  Our staff would like to thank Mr. Neysmith for his expertise.  The Reebok Camp was loaded with talent as usual.  The camp's All-Star Game was a run and shoot affair.  Georgia was represented by J. J. Hickson, Chris Allen and Zach Graham.  They all performed well.  The top player to me was Billy Walker, but Kevin Love played like a beast.  You could give it a toss up.  The Reebok Camp was ran very well with crowds everyday.

ABCD Camp Top Players

Rank Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State
1 Billy Walker 6-6 2007 WF Cincinnati/North College Hill/OH
2 Kevin Love 6-9 2007 C Lake Oswego/HS/OR
3 Brandon Jennings 6-1 2008 PG Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
4 O. J.  Mayo 6-5 2007 2G Cincinnati/North College Hill/O
5 Tracy Smith 6-8 2007 PF Durham/Mt. Zion Christian/NC
6 Alex Tyus 6-8 2007 PF Cincinnati/Harmony Christian/OH
7 Darquavis Tucker 6-5 2007 2G Saginaw/Arthur Hill/MI
8 James Hickson 6-9 2007 C Marietta/Wheeler/GA
9 DeAndre Jordan 6-1 2007 C Houston/Episcopal Academy/TX
10 Renardo Sidney 6-9 2009 PF Lakewood/Artesia/CA
11 Karon Johnson 6-6 2009 WF Lenoir/Patterson School/NC
12 Jonathan Flynn 6-0 2007 PG Niagara Fall/HS/NY
13 Drew Gordon 6-9 2008 PF San Jose/Archbishop Mitty/CA
14 Corey Stokes 6-5 2007 2G Newark/St. Benedict's/NJ
15 Rico Pickett 6-4 2007 PG Decatur/HS/AL
16 Derrick Rose 6-3 2007 PG Chicago/Simeon/IL
17 Alexander Legion 6-5 2007 2G Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
18 Cole Aldrich 6-11 2007 C Bloomington/Jefferson/MN
19 Eric Wallace 6-6 2007 WF Chatham/Hargrove Military/VA
20 Mac Koshwal 6-8 2007 C Chicago/Boys  to Men/IL
21 Zach Graham 6-5 2007 WF Lawrenceville/HS/GA
22 Corey Fisher 6-1 2007 PG Elizabeth/St. Patrick/NJ
23 Chris Allen 6-4 2007 2G Lawrenceville/Meadowcreek/GA
24 Isaiah Thomas 5-9 2007 PG Tacoma/Curtis/WA
25 Corey Chandler 6-1 2007 PG Newark/East Side/NJ
26 Edwin Rios 6-1 2007 PG Hollywood/Chaminade/FL
27 William Buford 6-5 2008 2G Toledo/Libbey/OH
28 Blake Hoffarber 6-4 2007 2G Minnetonka/Hopkins/MN
29 Chris Braswell 6-8 2008 PF Hyattsville/DeMatha/MD
30 Jeff Teague 6-1 2007 PG Indianapolis/Pike/IN
31 Kenny Boynton 6-2 2009 2G Pompano Beach/Ely/FL
32 Darius Miller 6-7 2008 WF Maysville/Mason County/KY
33 Demetri McCamey 6-3 2007 PG Westchester/St. Joseph's/IL
34 Terrell Vinson 6-6 2009 PF Rockville/Montrose Christian/MD
35 James Harden 6-5 2007 WF Lakewood/Artesia/CA
36 Jarryd Cole 6-7 2007 C Kansas City/Winnetonka/MO
37 Zane Johnson 6-6 2007 WF Phoenix/Thunderbird/AZ
38 Kodi Augustus 6-9 2006 WF Durham/Mt. Christian/NC
39 Braxton Dupree 6-8 2007 C Towson/Calvert Hall/MD
40 Wendall McKines 6-6 2007 WF Richmond/HS/CA


ABCD Camp Top Centers 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Kevin Love 6-9 2007 Lake Oswego/HS/OR
2 James Hickson 6-9 2007 Marietta/Wheeler/GA
3 DeAndre Jordan 6-11 2007 Houston/Episcipal Academt/TX
4 Mac Koshwal 6-8 207 Chicago/Boys to Men/IL
5 Anthony McClain 7-0 2007 Ft. Washington/National Christian/MD
6 Cole Aldrich 6-11 2007 Bloomington/Jefferson/MN
7 Jarryd Cole 6-7 2007 Kansas City/Winnetonka/MO
8 James Tyler 7-2 2008 Lenoir/Patterson School/NC
9 Terrance Jennings 6-9 2007 Sacramento/Capital Christian/CA
10 Braxton Dupree 6-8 2007 Towson/Calvert Hall/MD
11 Greg Echenique 6-9 2009 Newark/St. Benedict's/NJ
12 Elijah Holman 6-10 2007 Richmond/HS/CA
13 Dallas Lauderdale 6-9 2007 Solon/HS/OH
14 JaJuan Johnson 6-10 2007 Indianapolis/Franklin Central/IN
15 Storm Warren 6-8 2008 Richwood/Monroe/LA
16 Teeng Akol 6-11 2007 Centereach/Our Savior New American/NY
17 Mitchell Hampton 6-8 2007 Monroe/Quachita Parish/LA
18 Shane Walker 6-9 2007 Arlington/Bishop Ireton/VA


ABCD Camp Top Power Forwards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Tracy Smith 6-8 2007 Durham/Mt. Zion Christian/NC
2 Alex Tyus 6-8 2007 Cincinnati/Harmony Christian/OH
3 Renardo Sidney 6-9 2009 Lakewood/Artesia/CA
4 Chris Braswell 6-8 2008 Hyattsville/DeMatha/MD
5 Olu Ashaolu 6-7 2008 Stockbridge/Community Christian/GA
6 Terrell Vinson 6-6 2009 Rockville/Montrose Christian/MD
7 Drew Gordon 6-9 2008 San Jose/Archbisop Mitty/CA
8 DaJuan Blair 6-7 2007 Pittsburgh/Schenley/PA
9 D'wayln Roberts 6-7 2007 Duncanville/HS/TX
10 Jon Leuer 6-10 2007 Orono/HS/MN
11 Tim flowers 6-5 2007 Chicago/Simeon/IL
12 Jon Reed 6-8 2007 Rolling Hills Estates/Palos Verdes Peninsula/CA
13 Idris Hilliard 6-7 2008 Princeton/The Hun School/MD
14 Demar Derozan 6-6 2008 Compton/HS/CA
15 Carlton Fay 6-8 2007 Henpin/Putnam County/IL


ABCD Camp Top Wing Forwards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Billy Walker 6-6 2007 Cincinnati/North College Hill/OH
2 Karon Johnson 6-6 2009 Lenoir/Patterson School/NC
3 Devin Ebanks 6-7 2008 Lenoir/Patterson School/NC
4 Eric Wallace 6-6 2007 Chatham/Hargrove Military/VA
5 Zach Graham 6-5 2007 Lawrenceville/HS/GA
5 Evan Turner 6-5 2007 Westchester/St. Joseph's/IL
6 Zane Johnson 6-6 2007 Phoenix/Thunderbird/AZ
7 James Harden 6-5 2007 Lakewood/Artesia/CA
8 Darius Miller 6-7 2008 Maysville/Mason County/KY
9 Kodi Augustus 6-9 2006 Durham/Mt. Zion Christian
10 Wendall McKines 6-6 2007 Richmond/HS/GA
11 Tony Neysmith 6-5 2007 Norcross/HS/GA
12 Sylvan Landesberg 6-6 2008 Flushing/Holy Cross/NY
13 Taylor King 6-7 2007 Santa Ana/Mater Dei/CA
14 Teandre Williams 6-4 2008 Lawrenceville/Meadowcreek/GA
15 Jonathan Baldwin 6-5 2008 Aliquippa/HS/PA
16 James Southerland 6-7 2008 Bayside/Cardozo/NY


ABCD Camp Top 2 Guards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 O. J. Mayo 6-5 2007 Cincinnati/North College Hill/OH
2 Darquavis Tucker 6-5 2007 Saginaw/Arthur Hill/MI
3 Corey Stokes 6-5 2007 Newark/St. Benedict's/NJ
4 Alexander Legion 6-5 2007 Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
5 William Buford 6-5 2008 Toledo/Libbey/OH
6 Chris Allen 6-4 2007 Lawrenceville/Meadowcreek/GA
7 Blake Hoffarber 6-2 2007 Minnetonka/Hopkins/MN
8 Kenny Boynton 6-2 2009 Pompano Beach/Ely/FL
9 Melquan Bolding 6-4 2008 White Plains/Archbishop Stepanic/NY
10 Dante Anderson 6-4 2008 Gainesville/Eastside/FL
11 Brian Walsh 6-4 2008 Corapolis/Moon Township/PA
12 Aaron Gilstrap 6-4 2008 Marietta/HS/GA
13 Bradley Wannamaker 6-3 2007 Philadelphia/Roman Catholic/PA
14 Miles Beatty 6-3 2007 Jersey City/St. Anthony's/NJ
15 Thomas Manzano 6-3 2007 Mendenhall/Genesis One/MS
16 Brad Triche 6-3 2008 Dewitt/Jamesville Dewitt/NY
17 R. L. Horton 5-11 2007 Jackson/Lanier/MS


ABCD Camp Top Point Guards 

Rank Player HT Class Hometown/HS/ State
1 Brandon Jennings 6-1 2008 Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
2 Jonathan Flynn 6-0 2007 Niagara Falls/HS/NY
3 Rico Pickett 6-4 2007 Decatur/HS/AL
4 Derrick Rose 6-3 2007 Chicago/Simeon/IL
5 Corey Fisher 6-1 2007 Elizabeth/St. Patrick/NJ
6 Corey Chandler 6-1 2007 Newark/Easy Side/NJ
7 Isaiah Thomas 5-9 2007 Tacoma/Curtis/WA
8 Jeff Teague 6-1 2007 Indianapolis/Pike/IN
9 Edwin Rios 6-1 2007 Hollywood/Chaminade/FL
10 Demetri McCamey 6-3 2007 Westchester/St. Joseph's/IL
11 Anthony Crator 6-2 2008 Flint/Southwestern/MI
12 Malcolm Lee 6-5 2008 Riverside/North/CA
13 Josh Miller 5-9 2007 Cincinnati/Harmony Christian/OH
14 Junior Cadougan 6-0 2009 Stockbridge/Community Christian/GA
15 Malik Booth 5-8 2007 Middle Village/Christ the King/NY
16 Rahmon Fletcher 5-10 2007 Kansas City/Pasco/MO
17 Kelvin Grady 5-11 2007 East Grand Rapids/HS/MI


ABCD Camp Top Underclassmen 

Rank Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State
1 Brandon Jennings 6-1 2008 PG Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
2 Renardo Sidney 6-9 2009 PF Lakewood/Artesia/CA
3 Karon Johnson 6-6 2009 WF Lenoir/Paterson School/NC
4 Drew Gordon 6-9 2008 PF San Jose/Archbishop Mitty/CA
5 William Buford 6-5 2008 2G Toledo/Libbey/OH
6 Chris Braswell 6-8 2008 PF Hyattsville/DeMatha/MD
7 Kenny Boynton 6-2 2009 2G Pompano Beach/Ely/FL
8 Darius Miller 6-7 2008 WF Maysville/Mason County/KY
9 Terrell Vinson 6-6 2009 PF Rockville/Montrose Christian/MD
10 Melquan Bolding 6-4 2008 2G White Plains/Archbishop Stepanic/NY
11 Anthony Crator 6-2 2008 PG Flint/Southwestern/MI
12 Dante Anderson 6-4 2008 2G Gainesville/Eastside/FL
13 James Tyler 7-2 2008 C Lenoir/Patterson School/NC
14 Greg Echenique 6-9 2009 C Newark/St. Benedict's/NJ
15 Devin Ebanks 6-7 2008 WF Lenoir/Patterson School/NC


Adidas Super Star Camp


Adidas Super Star Camp Top Players 

Rank Player HT Class POS Hometown/HS/ State
1 Eric Gordon 6-3 2007 2G Indianapolis/North Central/IN
2 Michael Beasley 6-8 2007 PF Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
3 Lance Stephenson 6-5 2009 2G Brooklyn/Lincoln/NY
4 Anthony Randolph 6-9 2007 WF Dallas/Woodrow Wilson/TX
5 Nolan Smith 6-3 2007 PG Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
6 Harold Thompkins 6-8 2008 PF Mouth of Wilson/Oak Hill/VA
7 Antonio Jardine 6-3 2007 PG Philadelphia/Neumann-Goretti/PA
8 Matt Simpkins 6-9 2008 PF Sacramento/Capital Christian/CA
9 Luke Babbitt 6-8 2008 PF Reno/Galeno/NV
10 Lacedarius Dunn 6-3 2007 2G Monroe/Excelsior Christian/LA
11 Terrell Bell 6-7 2007 WF Stone Mountain/HS/GA
12 Rick Jackson 6-9 2007 C Philadelphia/Neumann-Goretti/PA
13 Tyrone Shelley 6-7 2007 WF San Diego/Crawford/CA
14 Ashton Gibbs 6-2 2008 PF West Orange/Seton Hall Prep/NJ
15 Larry Drew 6-1 2008 PG Woodland Hills/Taft/CA
16 Austin Daye 6-9 2007 WF Irvine/Woodridge/CA
17 B. J. Mullens 7-1 2008 C Canal Winchester/World Harvest/OH
18 Laron Dendy 6-9 2007 WF Pickens/Prince Avenue Prep/SC
19 Darshawn McClellan 6-7 2007 PF Fresno/Edison/CA
20 Yancy Gates 6-9 2008 PF Cincinnati/Hughes/OH
21 Mamadou Diarra 6-11 2007 C Simi Valley/Stoneridge Prep/CA
22 Emmanuel Nededu 6-7 2008 PF Wolfeboro/Brewster Academy/NH
23 Joey Rodriquez 5-11 2007 PG Winter Park/Lake Howell/FL
24 Robert Sacre 6-10 2007 N. Vancouver/Hansworth Secondary/BC
25 Jamelle Horne 6-7 2007 WF San Diego/Hoover/CA
26 Walter Offutt 6-3 2007 2G Indianapolis/Warren Central/IN
27 Jrue Holiday 6-2 2008 PG N. Hollywood Campbell Hall/CA
28 Daniel McElroy 6-6 2009 PF Cincinnati/La Salle/OH
29 Cashmere Wright 6-1 2008 PG Savannah/Urban Christian/GA
30 Larry Davis 6-3 2007 2G Alief/Hasting/TX



NBA Players Camp 2006




By Harry Douglas



I spent two days at the NBA Players Camp.  On Friday night, the games were very competitive.  There were some awesome talent and the camp was organized.  Tim McCormick and his staff did a great job.  Bob Gibbon Allstars Sports always get the best talent and this camp was no different.  


The championship game was a fire work in which the Mavericks defeated the Lakers 66-65.  

The Maverick's team consisted of 6-8 So. Al-Faroug Aminu from Norcross High, GA; 6-8 Jr. Patrick Patterson from Huntington High, WV; 6-6 Jr. James Anderson from Junction City High, Ark.; 5-10 Jr. Jai Lucus from Houston Bellaire, TX; 6-5 Jr. Alexander Legion from Birmingham; 6-9 Jr. Marcus Morris from Philadelphia, Prep, PA; and 5-11 Jr. Kelvin Grady from East  Grand Rapids High, MI.  The Lakers received superior play from 6-5 Jr. Daniel Hackett from Bellflower, CA.  He scored 25 points and scored to put his team ahead 65-64; only to have the Mavericks Markeith Morris to come back and hit the game winning shot at the buzz.  The Lakers received strong play from 7-0 Anthony McClain from Ft. Washington, MD National Christian Academy,  6-9 So. Luke Babbitt from Reno and 5-10 Isaiah Thomas from Tacoma, WA.  





 Top Forwards and Centers


By Harry Douglas



7-0 Jr. Solomon Alabi- Montverde Academy, FL was a very impressive and he is improving.  Alabi used his jump hook to score in the camp. He rebounded, blocked shots, scored in the paint and played more physical.  He seemed more confident as he played.  He played well against Deandre Jordan, Nayal Koshwal and Samardo Samuels.  Solomon listed Florida State, Virginia, Ohio State and St. Joseph.







            7-0 Solomon Alabi




6-9 Luke Babbitt- Galena High- A sophomore from Reno, NV played consistent throughout the camp.  His game improved each game he played.  Luke was one of the top power forwards in the camp.  In addition to  this young man's play, his attitude is great.  Luke is a very humble young man with a great spirit.  Luke offers listed Washington, Michigan, Syracuse, Nevada, Texas Others:  UCLA, Illinois and Arizona.


6-8 Jr. Herb Pope- Aliquippa, PA- Pope played strong and is a very athletic and a physical player.  He stated that he hasn't made a decision nor leader  but listed  Pittsburg, Kansas State, UConn, Memphis, North Carolina, Louisville and Oklahoma.


6-11 Jr. Deandre Jordan- Houston, TX- Episcopal High- Deandre has  nice size and plays good around the basket.   He was one of the best big man in the camp.  He can put it on the floor, use his body and athleticism well.  He listed Texas AM., Texas, LSU, Indiana, Florida State and Florida.


7-0 Jr. Kosta Kaufos- Canton, OH- Glenoak High- Kosta played well at the camp, but for a big man, he played more on the perimeter.  He has a great perimeter game but needs to find his way in the paint with his big body.


7-0 Jr. Anthony McClain- National Christian Academy- He is a long, active player who played great  at the camp.  Anthony is very active around the basket.  He rebounds, block shots and played a force on defense.  He listed offers from Wake Forest, Georgetown, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Maryland and Virginia Tech.


6-9 So. Yancy Gates- Cincinnati Hughes Center- Gates already possesses a man's body and uses it well.  He played well through the camp.  He's a big, strong, physical player but a gentle Ben off the court.  I love this young man's humble attitude.  He listed offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Cincinnati, Xavier.  Others are Florida State, Florida, Kentucky, Miami, Louisville.


6-8 Jr. Patrick Patterson- Huntington High, WV- Patterson led his team to the championship.  He had a solid camp.  This young man is a beast.  His physical make up is phenomenal and he's very physical and athletic.


6-9 Jr. Mac Koshwal- Chicago Boys to Men Academy- Mac had some great moments at the camp.  He's a strong, physical, and  athletic player; a lefty who I thought was one of the best players in the camp.


6-8 Jr. Samardo Samuels- Newark, NJ- St. Benedict's Prep- Samuels is a very polished power player.  He's active, athletic and played well at the camp.  


7-2- So. James Tyler- Brandon Pendleton School- Tyler is a load, a big body that takes up a lot of space.  Tyler mentioned that he will transfer to Patterson in North Carolina.  Keep your eyes on him because he has a lot of potential.


6-8 Jr. Andrew Lang- Marietta, GA- Wheeler High- Lang played well and his game has greatly improved.  He's more aggressive going to the basket and has good size.  Offers listed Bradley, South Carolina.  Others- Looking at Wake Forest, Tennessee, Arizona State, Auburn and Georgia.


6-8 So. Al-Faroug Aminu- Norcross High- This young man is a winner.  This year he led his AAU team to the championship at the camp.  His team was champion.  Al-Faroug played solid at the camp.  He's long and very athletic.  Aminu was one of the few sophomores who was invited to the camp.


6-8 Fr. Karron Johnson- Lenoir, NC- Patterson School- This young man has big time potential.  He's strong, athletic with good size. He can play the 1, 2 or 3 position.  He played good at the camp.


6-9 Jr. Dallas Lauderdale from Solan High- OH- Dallas is a man among boys and  has a strong physical body and uses it.  He's a strong player in the post.    He played well at the camp.


6-10 Jr. Anthony Randolph- Dallas Woodrow Wilson- Anthony is a big time prospect.  He is very athletic and aggressive physical player who demands the ball.  He played well at the camp; he was explosive and quick.  He probably was the camp's best player.


6-11 Jr. Teeng Akol- Center Reach, NY- Our Savior New America- Akol played well at the camp.  He rebounded and defended well, but needs to keep developing.




6-8 So. Delvon Roe- Lakewood, H- St. Edward

6-11 Jr. Clinton Chapman- Canby High, OR

6-9 Jr. Richard Jackson- Philadelphia Neumann- Garetti, PA

6-9 Jr. Kenny Belton- Greensboro, NC- Dudley

7-0 Jr. Scott Thompson- Meridian, ID- Mt. View High

Thompson played well in the post.  He's a hungry player looking to get better.

6-9 Jr. Shane Walker0 Alexandria, VA- Bishop Ireton

6-8 So. Ed Davis- Mechanicsville, VA Hanover

6-8 Jr. Brandon Cooks- Mendenhall, MS- Geneisore

6-7 Jr. DeJuan Blair- Pittsburgh, PA- Schenly High-

He played great at the camp; scored at will, a physical player who is very explosive.  He was the camp's Top Scorer.

6-8 Jr. Markeiff Morris- Philadelphia, PA Prep Charter

6-7 Jr. Chris Wright- Trotwood, OH- Madison

6-8 Jr. Brandon Cooks- Mendenhall, MS- Genesis One

6-6 Jr. Jon Diebler- Upper Sandusky, OH

6-6 Jr. Rakim Sander- Barrington, RI- St. Andrews

6-7 So. Terrelle Pryor- Jeanette, PA Jeanette High

6-5 Jr. Darquavis Tucker- Saginaw, MI- Arthurhill

Tucker is an engine who plays off his gifted athletic ability.  He is very explosive, quick.  He was one of the camp's best players and top scorer.


6-7 Jr. Jeremy Thompson- Marshville, NC- Forest Hill

Jeremy is a very athletic forward who is explosive and active around the basket.  He was one of the leading scorers in the camp.  He's a "Sleeper", has a lot of potential and a good looking prospect.


6-7 Jr. Jamelle Horne- San Diego, CA- Hoover

He played great at the camp and was one of the top scorers.  Jamelle is a solid and complete player.


6-6 Jr. James Anderson- Junction City, AR

James  played  good at the camp and led his team to the championship.  He's a a solid player with good size.  Offers listed- Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Baylor, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, with Arkansas, Kansas, Florida as his front runners.  


Top Guards



6-2 Jr. Senario Hillman- Irwinton- Wilkinson County- Senario played great Friday his game picked  up as being one of the top guards in the camp.  One of the camp's Top Scorer.


5-10 Jr. Isaiah Thomas- Tacoma WA- Curtis- Thomas was fun to watch.  On Friday, he put on a show with his ball handling and nice cross-over.  He showed good leadership and made his team better.


6-5 Jr. Austin Freeman- Hyatteville, MD- Dematha- Austin is a big time scorer.  He played well Friday and Saturday.


5-10 Jr. Jai Lucus- Houston, TX- Bellaire

6-5 Jr. Nick Calathes- Winter Park- Lake Howell

6-4 Jr. Jeff Jones- Drexall Hill, PA- Bonner Academy

6-5 Jr. Tony Neysmith- Norcross, GA

6-3 Jr. Adrian Bowie- Rockville, MD- Montrose Christian

6-3 Jr. E'Twan Moore- East Chicago- Central

6-4 Jr. EShaunte Jones- Fort Wayne, IN- Northside

6-5 Jr. Alex Legion- Birmingham, MI- Detroit Day

6-0 Jr. Keegan Bell- Madison, AL- Bob Jones

6-3 Jr. Rico Pickett- Decatur, AL

6-1 Jr. Edwin Rios- Hollywood, FL- Chaminade

6-3 Jr. Manny Harris- Detroit- Redford

6-1 Jr. Brian McMichael- National Christian

6-3 Jr. Aaron Gilstrap- Marietta

6-0 Jr. Kalin Lucas Orchard Lek, MI- St. Mary's

6-0 So. Dashan Harris- Montverde Academy, FL

6-4 Jr. Mustapha Farrakken Harveyville- Thornton




NBA Players Camp Top Scorers




HT-Class Player City,ST Points
6-5-Junior Austin Freeman Hyattesville, MD 15.3 ppg
6-5-Junior Daniel Hackett Bellflower, CA 13.1 ppg
6-5 Junior Darquavis Tucker Saginaw, MI 12.9 ppg
6-6-Junior Corey Stokes Newark, NJ 12.4 ppg
6-9-Junior Mac Koshwal Chicago, IL 12.3 ppg
6-7-Sophomore Devon Ebanks Lenoir, NC 11.2 ppg
6-2- Junior Senario Hillman Irwinton, GA 11.1 ppg
6-8 Sophomore Delvon Roe Lakewood, OH 11.0 ppg
6-3 Junior Adrian Bowie Rocksville, MD 11.0 ppg
6-4- Junior Eshaunte Jones Ft. Wayne, IN 11.0 ppg
5-10- Junior Isaiah Thomas Tacoma, WA 10.7 ppg
6-8 Junior Brandon Cooks Mendenhall, MS 10.3 ppg
6-5- Junior Nick Calathes Winter Park, FL 10.0 ppg
6-8- Junior Patrick Patterson Huntington, WV 10.0 ppg
6-4- Junior Jeff Jones Drexel Hill, PA 10.0 ppg
6-11- Junior Anthony Randolph Dallas, TX 9.6 ppg
6-8- Sophomore Al-Faroug Aminu Norcross, GA 9.6 ppg
6-7- Sophomore Terrell Pryor Jeanette, PA 9.4 ppg
6-9 Junior Marcus Morris Philadelphia, PA 8.80 ppg
6-8- Sophomore Ed Davis Hanover, VA 8.6 ppg
6-7- Sophomore Martez Walker Montverde, FL 8.6 ppg
6-0- Junior Kalen Lucus Orchard Lake, MI 8.4 ppg
6-7 Junior Chris Wright Trotwood, OH 8.4 ppg
6-9 Sophomore Yancy Gates Cincinnati, OH 8.2 ppg
6-6 Junior John Deibeler Upper Sandusky, OH 8.2 ppg
6-9- Juniors Samardo Samuels Newark, NJ 8.0 ppg
6-9- Sophomore Luke Babbitt Reno, NV 7.8 ppg
6-11- Junior Teeng Akol Center Reach, NY 7.6 ppg












6-5 Toney Neysmith of Norcross High gets an Invite.

Georgia heads up the 2006 NBA Player's Camp in Richmond, VA

on June 21st-24th.  The top players in the country Dwight Howard,

Randolph Morris and Toney Douglas made their impact at the 2004

NBA Player's Camp, which was the most talented in the camp's history.

Bob Gibbon has done a great job getting some of the top players to this









       6-5 CG Tony Neysmith

           Norcross High- GA



This year's Georgian participants will be 6-8 So. Al-Faroug Aminu form Norcross High, 6-11 So. Ralph Sampson from Mt. Pisgah Christian, 6-7 Andrew Long from Wheeler High, 6-4 So. Jerel Stephenson from Glenn Hill High, 6-3 Jr. Aaron Gilstrap from Marietta High, 6-2 Senario Hillman from Wilkinson county High and 6-5 Jr. Jahaziel Howard from SW Atlanta Christian.  Top names that will attend the camp are 6-10 Jr. Anthony Randolph from Dallas Woodrow Wilson, 6-9 Jr. Pat Patterson from Huntington, WV, 6-10 Jr. Julian Vaughen from Restan, VA, 7-1 Jr. Hosta Koufos from Canton, OH, 6-1 Jr. Edwin Rios from Miami, FL, 6-9 Mac Koshwall from Chicago, IL, 6-9 Jr. Dallas Lauderdale of Solon, OH, 6-5 Jr. Corey Stokes of Newark, NJ, 5-9 Jr. Jai Lucus of  Houston, TX, 5-11 Isaiah Thomas of Tacoma, WA and many more.  The camp starts on Wednesday.  Our camp will attend the camp on Friday and Saturday.



In  2004, the NBA Player's Camp accomplished something that was never done in the camp's history- 6 players who participated in the NBA Player's Camp in 2004 were drafted in the First Round.  Those players were 6-11 Robert Swift, 6-11 Dwight Howard, 6-7 Sean Livington, 6-9 Al Jefferson and 6-8 Josh Smith.  The NBA Player's Camp is ran by the NBA Players Association which is lead by former and current NBA players Purius Short and Tim McCorick.  Bob Gibbon oversees the talent that makes the camp .





By Derek Dickerson


The NIKE Junior Jamboree had some of the best young talent this year from what I have scouted and seen.  The future looks bright.  The camp had about 125 players and some were:


Nick Williams- 2008- A strong solid guard who is versatile.  He is a big-time prospect.


DeMarcus Cousins-6-10-2009-He is a solid player who has the total package.  Cousins is a 245 pound 4/5 player from Birmingham, AL.  He has a big body and moves it well..  He was one of the camp's best, but has some work.


Matt Gatens-2008- Gatens is a player who already committed to Iowa.  He can create off the dribble, rebounds and defends well.


Anthony Jones- 2008- Jones is good around the basket and scores in the post effectively.  He is a good looking prospect.


TaShawn Mabry- A 6-5, 8th grader who impressed me.  He's a big-time player in the making.  


Jeremy Tyler- 2010-A 6-9 8th grader who's a man already.  Tyler was doing his thing at the Jamboree.  He's a very aggressive player, long, athletic and talented. He's a big-time prospect.


6-11-Tyran Walker-2008- Walker is a player who can play the 3/4 positions.  He's big-time.


6-10 Tony Woods- Woods was a dunking machine.  Woods had at least 3 dunks a game.  


6-5 PG Lorenzo Brown- 2009- Brown from Atlanta, GA is a silky, smooth player who can now play with the big boys. He can do it all.  Brown can create a slash and finish strong to the basket with a rim rocker dunk.  He played well at the NIKE Jamboree.  He is a big-time prospect.


Leslie McDonald-2009- He's a combo guard who plays within the team.  McDonald is a very explosive player who always is around the the ball.  He's a good looking prospect.


Kenny Frease- A 2008 prospect who can score around the basket.  Frease has a mid-range game.  He needs to keep improving.  


Colin Reddrick- 2009- A Georgia player who works hard.  He's very aggressive player who is good around the basket.  He needs to keep developing.  


Jay Thomas- 2009- Thomas can play the game inside and out.  He looks good with his turn around jumper and post game.  He needs to keep developing.




By Harry Douglas


The second annual Dirty South Classic was held at Norcross High School in Norcross, GA.  The Tournament Director Sean Jones did a great job. Fourteen (14) teams participated in the tournament  Sean Jones is looking to add additional teams to the  tournament next year. He is looking for sponsors and would like to thank Real Estate  Solutions 2 Day for sponsoring  this event. www.RealEstateSolutions2day.net.   Sean Jones who has a lot of round ball experience was involved in the NIKE Skill Camp and helped with the Next Factor Camp.  Mr. Jones is also a  Personal Trainer for boys and girls of all ages. Jones Program RU Ready Sports has existed for 6 years and goal is to teach and help young players.  Jones coaches the RU Ready All-stars Team.


Mayo and Walker put on a show in what was considered the championship game, D-1 Greyhounds versus the Georgia Hurricanes.  Coach Horace Neysmith of the Georgia Hurricanes stated to me that 6-3 CG Chris Allen was on the roster and would be playing against O. J. Mayo.  However, Chris Allen never showed up, but he was in the scorebook.  The Georgia Hurricanes 6-6 Zack Graham, 6-2 Trevor Gaskins, 6-5 Tony Neysmith, 6-2 Tarriq Muhammed and 6-6 Jordan DeMercy did not take a back seat to the D-1 Greyhounds 6-5 O. J. Mayo, 6-7 Billy Walker, 6-8 John Brown and  6-7  Antonio Wilhite.  However, the D-1 Greyhounds took a commanding lead in the game.  Greyhounds were up by 19 points in the first half.  Billy Walker and O. J.  Mayo had their way with Walker thunder dunking and O. J.  Mayo's smooth silky jumper, the Hurricanes seemed defeated.  During the second half 6-2 Jr. Trevor Gaskins decided to take the Hurricanes on his shoulder.  6-5 Tony Neysmith got the crowd going when he came down the lane and caught the ball off the rim over several Greyhound players and ignited the Hurricanes come back to cut the score 95-94.    D-1 Greyhound Billy Walker fouled out the game with 3.10 minutes left in the game.  So. Courtney Davis stepped up to the plated big-time by breaking the press, slashing and  scoring.  Of course O. J. Mayo put the icing on the cake with a thundering dunk to claim victory of 105-100.  O. J. Mayo scored 37 points, Billy Walker 15 points, Courtney Davis 10 points.  Game high scorers for the Hurricanes are Trevor Gaskins 43 points, Zack Graham 21 points and Tony Neysmith 21 points.  


The tournament began Friday with a lot of upsets with South Georgia Kings defeating Georgia Hurricanes.  Casey Mitchell went for 36 points.  Georgia Hurricanes came back the next game and beat Rocktown 70-68.  Georgia Hurricanes Tony Neysmith went for 29 points.  Rocktown received superior play from Justin Hurtt scoring 28 points.  Saturday the South Carolina Tarheels knocked off South Georgia Kings 66-60.  Senior Terrell Brain for the Tarheels scored 36 points.      The Hurricanes Jr. Trevor Gaskins was unstoppable scoring from all over the court.  Gaskins had a game high of 43 points.  Jr. Zach Graham looked good in his only game. He was  very aggressive going to the basket.  So.  Courtney Davis played big-time for D-1 Greyhounds.     6-5 Tony Neysmith is a big-time D-1 prospect.  Neysmith's athleticism is awesome.  He catch balls off the rim and flush them back  bringing the house full of  cheer.  This young man talent is unbelievable.   


6-6 WF Jordan DeMercy had his break out.  DeMercy is an all around player with big-time potential and his play this past weekend proved it.  The Greyhound received good play from 6-8 PF John Brown and 6-7 Antoine Willhite, the Greyhound young group was very impressive.  6-8 Darius Miller, 6-4 Courtney Davis, 6-9 Darius Washington, 6-5 Chris Grimes and 6-5 Williams Buford all played well in DSC.  I was really impressed with Rocktown PG 6-3 Rashard Lucus.  Lucus is very deceiving because of his size, but he's quick and has good ball handling skills.  He makes good decisions and has good size.  South Georgia Kings 5-11 PG Evan Mobley played well throughout the tournament.  D-1 Greyhound 5-6 PG Josh Miller is a quick athlete who sees the floor well.  Miller put on a show with his flashy moves and passes.


The Slam Dunk Contest was all thunder over Atlanta with Billy Walker rim rocking, crowd pleasing dunks.  During the tournament, Walker showed me a lot of improvement in his game.  He no longer just have power.  He can put the ball on the floor, step out and knock down the jumper, which he demonstrated in the tournament.  Walker already possesses a man's body with a lot of power.  I can see him playing 2 and 3 in college, but he would be hard to defend if he plays the 2 position.  O. J. Mayo is as solid as they come.   Mayo showed flashy and greatness throughout the tournament and his attitude is what I love.  He's a very humble young man.  He gave the future players  attention, took pictures and gave autographs. He sat in the stand and watched the game. In the Three Point Contest,  O. J. shot a rack of balls with his left hand and made all but three balls.  6-5 SG Marshon Brooks played good for the Georgia Hurricanes.  Although Brooks was a fill in, he's as a good looking prospect who played well.  He is long, thin, athletic and can play 1, 2 and  3 positions.  




Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine



Dirty South Classic all Tournament Team

Co- MVP Billy Walker of D-1 Greyhound

                 OJ Mayo of D-1 Greyhound



6-2 CG Jr. Trevor Gaskins- Georgia Hurricanes


6-5 SG Jr. Marshon Brooks- Georgia Hurricanes


6-5 SG Jr. Troy Jones- Georgia Ballers


6-5 CG Jr. Tony Neysmith- Georgia Hurricanes


6-6 WF Jr. Jordan DeMercy- Georgia Hurricanes


6-4 SG Jr. Justin Hurtt- Rocktown


6-2 Jr. Rashard Lucas- Rocktown


6-7 WF Sr. Terrell Brain- SC Tarheels


6-4 SG Sr. Casey Mitchell- South Georgia Kings


6-4 SG Sr. Luke Smith- SC Tarheels


6-7 SF Jr. Antoine Wilhite- D-1 Greyhound


6-5 WF Sr. Cameron Tatum- Georgia Stars


6-6 WF Sr. Amu Saaka- Georgia Stars


6-8 SF Jr. Jarryd Cole- Rocktown


6-6 SG Jr. Chris Allen- D-1 Greyhound


6-7 WF So. Darius Miller- D-1 Greyhound


6-3 CG So. Courtney Davis- D-1 Greyhound


6-5 SF So. Chris Grimes- D-1 Greyhound


6-8 PF Jr. John Brown- D-1 Greyhound


5-6 PG Jr.- Josh Miller- D-1 Greyhound


5-9 PG Jr.- Evan Mobley- South Georgia Kings


6-5 SG Sr.- Mark Gomila- Georgia Hurricanes


6-9 PF Sr.- Jeremy Lightfoot- Georgia Stars



College coaches who do not subscribe, the DSC Event Evaluation is $50.00 .  If you are a subscriber, the event will be sent in 5 days.  Call or order from the web.



Dirty South Classic Top Scorers


Trevor Gaskins (GA Hurricanes)- 43 points VS D-1 Greyhounds


O.J. Mayo (D-1 Greyhound)- 37 points VS Georgia Hurricanes


Casey Mitchell (South GA Kings)- 36 points VS Georgia Hurricanes


Terrell Brain (SC Tarheels)- 36 points VS south Georgia Kings


Cameroon Tatum (Georgia Stars)- 35 points VS SC Tarheels


Jordan DeMercy (Georgia Hurricanes)- 28 points VS SC Tarheels


Luke Smith (SC Tarheels)- 28 points VS Georgia Hurricanes


Billy Walker (D-1 Greyhound)- 27 points VS Georgia Stars


Evan Mobley (South GA Kings)- 23 points VS South Carolina






By Harry Douglas



The Next Factor's Spotlight Camp had twelve sites in which  Atlanta, GA was one of the sites.  This was the camp's first year and the leadership team was Stacy Allen- Program Director, Horace Neysmith- Assistant Director and Media Marketing Evangela Booker.  For the camp's first year, it was overall a good camp with a lot of young talent.  The camp was held at Meadowcreek High School with 75 participants  and  lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday.  Two players from the camp would be selected to participate in the ABCD Camp held in New Jersey in July.  I would like to give special recognition to my man Justin Young at Rival.com who seemed to be everywhere I am these days.  We both decided that  Wendell CJ Williams was the camp's MVP.  6-6 WF So. Wendell CJ Williams of North Carolina was consistent throughout the camp.  Wendell's athletic ability is one thing, but his personality and character are the biggest attributes.  Wendell is a coaches dream.  Wendell has received a scholarship offer from North Carolina for football.  Wendell did everything in the camp.  He can shoot, rebound, play defense well and is a shot blocker.  This young man has the total package.


The next best player in the camp was 6-4 SG So. Teoandre Williams of Atlanta.  Williams has taken his game to another level.  He's no longer just a shooter.  Williams was rim rocking, he created  off the dribble and flushed it with authority.  Williams should definitely get an invite to the ABCD Camp.  6-8 SF So. Richard Howell of Atlanta was a beast in the camp.  Howell can do it all and can play the 1,2,3 and 4.  Howell runs the floor well, rebounds and can shoot the ball from 18 to 24 feet.  On the first day of the camp, Howell  was the best player.  6-1 CG Fr. Mfon Udophia of Atlanta is a Combo Guard who displayed some awesome shooting in the camp. Mfon is not flashy as other combo guard in his class, but he's already a floor leader and scorer.  When the ball leaves his hand, you can count on it in the basket.  Mfon is an elite player and he's tough as nails.  6-6 WF  Jr. Donnell Wilks of Nashville is a smooth, silk player and  very athletic.  Although Wilks showed up one day at the camp, you felt his presence immediately.  The is a long, thin Jr. who is very effective around the basket.  6-9 PF 8th Grader Kristopher Sherard of Durham, NC is going to be big-time.  He's only a baby but he already possesses a man's body and has skills.  Look for this young man.  


6-6 WF Jr. Jordan Demercy of Norcross, GA is lightening.  Demercy has been hurt most of the spring, but was very impressive at the camp.  Demercy has game and does all the little things that a coach likes in his player.  He's a scorer with a good feel of the game.  Demercy can also stroke it from anywhere on the floor and he's the best kept secret in Georgia.  Look out for this young man this summer.  6-6 SG Fr. Arie Stewart of Atlanta- Steward has big-time written on him. Steward is long, athletic, can shoot the ball, has a wing span about 10 feet and has good up-size.  He played well at the camp and he's only a freshman!  6-6 CG Jr. Demarquis Bost of North Carolina- A flashy combo who is very athletic and quick.  He can create off the dribble and flush it on you.  Bost is an explosive scorer and has the quickness and determination to get to the basket.  






Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine






   6-6 WF Jordon DeMercy

           Norcross, GA




Top 15 Players- Next Factor Spotlight Camp


Camp MVP- Wendell CJ Williams of North Carolina








City, State

1 Wendell CJ Williams 6-6 WF Sophomore North Carolina
2 Teonandre Williams 6-4 SG Sophomore Atlanta, GA
2 Richard Howell 6-7 WF Sophomore Lawrenceville, GA
3 Mfon Udophia 6-1 CG Freshman Lithonia, GA
4 Jordan Demercy 6-6 WF Freshman Norcross, GA
5 Donnell Wilks 6-7 WF Junior Nashville, TN
6 Demarquis Bost 6-3 SG Junior Concord, NC
7 Chaisson Allen 6-6 SG Junior Murfreesboro, TN
8 Arie Stewart 6-6 SG Freshman Atlanta, GA
9 John Overton 6-0 PG Junior Buford, GA
10 Joshua Smith 6-5 SG Sophomore Myrtle Beach, SC
11 Spencer Gay 6-5 SG Junior Dacula, GA
12 Sherard Kristopher 6-8 PF 8th Grader Durham, NC
13 Amadou Sampou 6-9 PF Junior Jacksonville, FL
14 Daniel Edward 6-5 WF Freshman Birmingham, AL
15 Torez Young 6-0 PG Junior Winston Salem, NC



Others worth of mention:






City, State

Ebuka Anguarah 6-4 SG Freshman Snellville, GA
Ameer Brown 6-3 SG Freshman Blairstown, NJ
Jeremy Olston 6-9 PF Freshman Lawrenceville, GA
Cory Tower 5-9 PG Sophomore Marietta, GA
Allen Mallory 6-5 SG Sophomore Atlanta, GA
Kevin McConnell 5-10 SG Junior Mableton, GA
Damier Pitts 5-10 PG Sophomore Charlotte, NC
Jalen Kendricks 6-5 SG 8th Grader College Park, GA






By Staff 


The Playaz received good guard play from 6-1 Anthony Nelson, scored 20 points.  6-2 Antonio Jordie scored 11 points and Chris Smith scored 10 points.  Jr. Malik Story for SCA was the Leading Scorer with 17 points.  So. Brandon Jennings scored 16 points, Kevin Love 14 points and Taylor King 13 points.  16 Under  Georgia Stars lost to Carolina Raptors.  16 Under Georgia Stars Tariq Muhammad made All Tournament Team.  


17 and Under All Tournament Team

MVP - Kevin Love ( Southern California All Stars )
Shootout MVP - Brock Young (
Garner Road

Player- Team

Alex Legion - Michigan Hurricanes

Alexis Wangmene - South Texas Spurs

Anthony Nelson - Playaz Basketball Club

Antoine Watson - Raleigh ’s Finest

Antonio Jardine - Playaz Basketball Club

Biko Paris - Jackson Panthers

Brandon Jennings - Southern California All Stars

Braxton Dupree - Baltimore Stars

Chace Stanback - Rising Stars of America

Chris Allen - Worldwide Renegades

Chris Smith - Playaz Basketball Club

Daniel Hackett - Southern California All Stars

Darquavis Tucker - Michigan Hurricanes

Dash Harris - Rising Stars of America

DeJuan Blair - Pittsburgh Jots

Demetri McCamey - Illinois Wolves

Dennis Horner - South Jersey Select

Devin Ebanks - National Christian

Eric Gordon - Indiana Elite

Erving Walker - Juice All Stars

Eshaunte Jones - Blessed IJN

Evan Turner - Illinois Wolves

Gerald Robinson - Nashville Celtics

Herb Pope - Pittsburgh Jots

James Harden - Branch West - Stoneridge Prep

Jeff Allen - Triple Threat

Jeff Jones - Triple Threat

Jewon Long - Mid-state Ballerz

JJ Hickson - Worldwide Renegades

Johnny Flynn - GC Ballers

Johnny Thomas - North Carolina Gaters

Jordan Hamilton - Lamar Odom I Can All Stars

Justin Brownlee - Smyrna Stars

Keaton Nankivil - Fox Valley Skillz

Landon Tatum - South Texas Spurs

Mac Koshwal - Chicago Jaguars

Malcolm Grant - Juice All Stars

Marcus Morris - Hunting Park

Matt Howard - Spiece Central Stars

Maurice Miller-Memphis Magic

Michael Thompson - Rising Stars JG

Mike Beasley - DC Assault

Ravern Johnson - Magnolia Stars

Rico Pickett - Southeast Elite

Sam Muldrow - Beach Ball Select

Senario Hillman - Atlanta Celtics

Spencer Greenway - Garner Road

Taylor King - Southern California All Stars

Teeng Akol - New York Elite

Tony Neysmith - Georgia Hurricanes

Trevor Welchel - Augusta Cavaliers

Zach Payton - Blessed IJN




16 and Under All Tournament

MVP - Demarquis Bost (Carolina Raptors)
Shootout MVP - Junior  Cadougan (Grassroots



Al-Faroug Aminu - Georgia Stars

Alwayne Bigby - Grassroots Canada

Blake Cussingberry - Michigan Hurricanes Blue

Brad Redford - Michigan Mustangs

Cashmere Wright - Atlanta Celtics Green

Damier Pitts - Carolina Raptors

Jonathan Baldwin - Pittsburgh Storm

Josh Crittle - Meanstreets

Josh Watkins - New York Panthers

Justin Crosgile - NJ Roadrunners

Karon Johnson - Richmond Squires

Kenny Boynton - Team Breakdown

Kevin Dillard - Meanstreets

Kevin Jones - Westchester Hawks

Kevon Moore - Triple Threat

Malik Stith - New York Panthers

Mike Rosario - Playaz

Miles Plumlee - Blessed IJN

Tariq Muhammad - Georgia Stars

Theodore “Mookie” Jones - Westchester Hawks

Tyree Graham - D-One Sports

Wendell C J Williams - Carolina Raptors

William Harrison - Long Island Lightning

Zach Bailey - Team Breakdown



15 and Under All Tournament

MVP - Colt Ryan ( Indiana Elite)


Chris Cunningham - Southern California All Stars

D.J. Byrd - Indiana Elite

Derrick Favors - Atlanta Celtics

Dexter Strickland - NJ Elite

Dominic Cheek - Playaz

Jarvis Phillips - Texas Select

Jovan Farrell - DC Assault

Lorenzo Brown - Inner Strength

Nathan Zastrow - Fox Valley Skillz

Shaun Reed - Southeast Elite

Shawn Williams - Texas Select

Stephen VanTrese - Indiana Elite

Terrence Boyd - DC Assault

Winston Davis - Long Island Lightning



Championship Winners


17 Under National- Southern California All Stars defeated the Playaz

16 Under National- Carolina Raptors defeated Georgia Stars

15 Under National- Indiana Elite defeated Texas Select



17 Under Scoring Leaders



Player (Team) Points
Eric Gordon (Indiana Elite) 29.4
Devin Ebanks (National Christian) 27.3
Eshaunte Jones (Blessed IJN) 26.8
James Hardin (Branch West) 23.3
Michael Thompson (Rising Stars JG) 22.5
Braxton Dupree (Baltimore Stars) 22.3
Dennis Horner (South Jersey Select) 22.3
Senario Hillman (Atlanta Celtics) 22.0
Tim Ambrose (New York Elite) 20.8
Chris Turner (D-One Sports) 20.7
Brock Young (Garner Road) 20.7
Gaither Hendrix (Charlotte Aces) 20.3
Idris Hilliard (NJ Elite) 20.3
Rico Pickett (SE Elite) 20.3
Gary Dairese (Indiana Elite) 20.0
Matt Howard (Spiece Central) 20.0




16 Under Scoring Leaders



Player (Team) Points
Cashmere Wright (Atlanta Celtics) 30.7
Brad Redford (Michigan Mustangs) 26.0
Kenny Boynton (Team Breakdown) 25.0
Blake Cussingberry (Michigan Hurricanes) 24.3
Tony Mitchell (Atlanta Celtics) 22.7
Zach Bailey (Team Breakdown) 22.4
Kevon Moore (Triple Threat) 22.3
William Harrison (Long Island Lightening) 22.0
Tyree Graham (D-One Sports) 21.3
Meon Udopia (Georgia Hurricanes) 21.3




15 Under Scoring Leaders



Player (Team) Points
Dexter Strickland (NJ Elite) 27.0
Winston Davis (Long Island Lightening) 22.7
Derrick Favors (Atlanta Celtics) 19.6
Terrance Boyd (DC Assault) 18.3
Antone Exum (Richmond Squires) 17.5
Nathan Zastrow (Fox Valley Skillz) 17.3
Glen Rice (Georgia Stars) 16.7
Vonn Jones (Michigan Hoop Club) 16.7
Javon Farrell (DC Assault) 16.5
Antwain McGregor (NC Gaters) 16.0








By Harry Douglas




Wallace Prather, Jr.  Memorial Classic Preview

May 12-14, 2006




The 1st Annual Wallace Prather, Jr. Memorial Classic was a classic.  Cory Smith known as Hulio and President of the Atlanta Celtics Carl McCray and the Atlanta Celtics Teams did a great job of hosting.  The tournament was well organized with some of the top talent in the country.   In addition,  the facility was one of the best in the country.  The classic was something that Mr. Prather would be proud of.  Next year it's going to be better.  Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine thanks General Manager Cory Smith and Carl McCray for our invitation to cover the event. Carl McCray presented a $5,000 Scholarship check to Wallace Prather, Jr. daughter Jenna Prather.  Present was Mrs. Jennifer Prather, and Wallace Prather III .  


There were many upsets this weekend.  The surprise team that ended up in the championship was Southeast Elite, who fought back in the Pool Play and won the game in overtime.  From then on, they knocked off some tough teams to get to the championship.  The Elite defeated their opponents by double digits.  The Lightening 60 Southeast Elite 46.  


During the championship game, The Lightening took control from the start and were ahead as many as 15 points.  The Elite fought back but could not overcome.  The lightening was too physical inside.  MVP Nick Murphy scored 14 points and led all scorer for the Lightning.  Justin Burrell scored 8 points, Brian Williams 8 points, Marvin Roberts 8 points and  Akeem Bennett scored 8 points.  The Southeast Elite Top Scorer was Verez Ward who scored 13 points, Cordell Pope 6 points, Courtney Fortson 12 points, Rico Pickett 6 points and  Donnell Wilks 4 points.




The Final Four in 17 Under was Arkansas Hawks, Southeast Elite, 

Long Island and Juice All Stars.  The Arkansas Hawks knocked off the Georgia Hurricanes by 28 points.  Southeast Elite knocks off Juice All Stars by 10 points.  









        Nick Murphy

       MVP 17 Under




16 Under Champion DC Assault knocked off 

Georgia Stars by 2 points.  The stars were playing without their star player Al-Faroug Aminu who played his way to the # 1 Sophomore Player in Georgia after his performance this past weekend.  











                     DC Assault Team



The DC Assault team defeated two top Georgia teams back-to-back in the Finals. DC Assault beat the Atlanta Celtics Green team.  They then played the Georgia Stars in the championship game.    The Stars had to hang on to beat the Atlanta Celtics White 71-69 to advance to the Finals.  The game was a see-saw, back and forth.  However, DC Assault had a little more gas and squeezed out the victory.  College coaches take notice of these young players: Georgia  Stars  6-4 CG Tanner Smith can play the game; 6-9 Tony Woods is long, athletic and is a good shot blocker; 6-7 Cecil Bent who is a baby Wes Unseld, rebounds well and is a good post player; 6-6 DeQuan Jones is athletic, plays 2,3,4 and has good up-size.    Atlanta Celtics Green:  6-4 Tony Mitchell is a 2 guard who can score.  6-1 PG Cashmere Wright is quick, athletic and very explosive.  6-6 Chase Anderson played well, has good size, rebounds well and played good around the basket.  World Wide:  6-2 Cory Towers,  2Guard Teandre Williams a long, has good fundamentals and can score from anywhere on the floor. 6-4 Deandre Cannon has good up-size, is very strong and he can score from anywhere on the floor.  5-10 CG Kevin Williams is a small scoring point guard.  The South Carolina Ravens: 6-8 Toby Veal is an athletic wing who can score.  Keep your eye on Veal; 6-4 Jerel Stephenson is a SG who plays hard, a very aggressive player with good size.  Atlanta Celtics Gold: 6-5 Delwan Graham is a very athletic wing player with a lot of potential.  6-6 Obi Edwards is a very strong, aggressive, athletic 3 man.  He brings a lot of energy and rebounds well on both ends of the floor.  6-9 Chris Singleton played good in the first two games of the Classic, but injured his ankle and did not play in any remaining games.  Atlanta Celtics White: We were very impressed with this team.  They made it to the Final Four.  6-0 CG Dustin Ware was very impressive with his shooting, ball handling and overall game.  6-8 Matthew  Sundberg is a tall, thin player with great fundamentals who can play the 2 and 3 position.  6-4 John Ward can stroke it and he's a smart player who has a great feel for the game.  





     Ron Anderson- MVP



15 Under Champions Atlanta Celtics Favors and company did what was expected.  They played a scrappy team Showtime Ballers of Orlando, FL, who was a good team.  The Celtics became strong from efforts of Terrance Shannon, Noel Johnson and Andre Malone.  Team Showtime got great play from 5-10 Demetrice McCray, 6-4 Jamel Marshall, 6-8 Adam Jones and  6-2 Dexter Fields.

Tennessee Tigers: 6-4 Gary Pope, 6-5 Brandon Upchurch and  6-2 Miles Asafo-Adjei played well and showed a lot of promises.  





    Derrick Favors- MVP



Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine


Wallace Prather, Jr. All-Tournament Team


We apologize for some players who may not have made this list.  We couldn't see all the games but we did our best.  








  6-4 SG Nate Rakestraw                                                                                           6-5 SG Lance Stephenson

        Arkansas Hawks                                                                                                           Juice All Stars







6-9 Junior James Hickson Worldwide
6-7 Sophomore DeQuan Jones Worldwide
6-3 Junior Chris Allen Worldwide
6-7 Junior Trevor Mabakwe Worldwide
6-3  Sophomore Corey Tower Worldwide
6-5 Sophomore Deandre Cannon Worldwide
6-5 Sophomore Teoandre Williams Worldwide
6-5 Freshman Lance Stephenson Juice All Stars
6-1  Senior Malcolm Grant Juice All Stars
6-7 Sophomore Vincent Rogers Juice All Stars
6-5 Junior  Kevin Menner Juice All Stars
6-5 Junior Austin Freeman DC Assault
6-4 Junior J. Brooks DC Assault
6-7 Junior Jamar Samuels DC Assault
6-9 Junior Julian Vaughn DC Assault
6-4 Junior Nick Murphy Long Island Lightning
6-10 Junior Brian Williams Long Island Lightning
6-8 Junior Justin Burrell Land Island Lightning
6-4 Junior Akeem Bennett Long Island Lightning
6-2 Junior Rico Pickett SE Elite
6-8 Junior Darnell Wilks SE Elite
6-2 Junior VarezWard SE Elite
6-4 Junior Nate Ralestraw Arkansas Hawks
6-8 Junior Gaby Ngoundjo Arkansas Hawks
6-9  Junior Gani Lawal Georgia Stars
6-9 Sophomore Al Faroug Aminu Georgia Stars
6-5 Sophomore Tanner Smith Georgia Stars
6-10 Sophomore Tony Woods Georgia Stars
6-2 Junior Senario Hillman Atlanta Celtics
6-5 Senior Cameron Tatum Atlanta Celtics
6-6 Junior Terrell Bell Atlanta Celtics
6-8 Sophomore Howard Thompkins Atlanta Celtics
6-2 Sophomore Cashmere Wright Atlanta Celtics
6-4 Sophomore Tony Mitchell Atlanta Celtics
6-7 Junior Murphy Holloway South Carolina Ravens
6-7 Junior Kenyan Harouson South Carolina Ravens
6-2 Junior Lashay Paige South Carolina Ravens
6-7 Sophomore Mike Holmes South Carolina Ravens
6-8 Sophomore Toby Veal South Carolina Ravens
6-8  Junior Laron Dendy South Carolina Ravens
6-5 Freshman Dexter Fields Team Daniels Showtime
5-10 Freshman Demetrice McCray Team Daniels Showtime
6-4 Freshman Jamel Marshall Team Daniels Showtime
6-10 Sophomore Victor Davial Surrey Stars
6-1 Sophomore Stewart James DC Assault
6-2 Sophomore Nico Fricchoine DC Assault
6-6 Freshman Noel Johnson Atlanta Celtics
6-9 Freshman Derrick Favors Atlanta Celtics
6-6 Junior Jahaziel Howard Atlanta Magic
6-3 Junior Anthony Wooden Team Memphis
6-5 Junior Chris Williams Team Memphis
6-5  Junior Tony Neysmith Georgia Hurricanes
6-4 Junior Zach Graham Georgia Hurricanes
6-7 Junior Trey Smith Georgia Hurricanes
5-9 Sophomore Andre Young Columbus Blazers
6-11 Sophomore Xavier Gibson Columbus Blazers
6-4 Sophomore Jarvis Jones Columbus Blazers
6-4 Sophomore Jamon Fortson Columbus Blazers
6-2 Junior Patrick Grant Columbus Blazers
6-7 Junior Rod Mitchell Columbus Blazers
6-7  Senior Tory Pellows Smyrna Stars
6-9 Junior Chris Barnes Smyrna Stars
6-7 Senior Justin Brownlee Smyrna Stars
6-4 Sophomore T. Woodall Playez
6-2 Sophomore M. Kosario Playez
6-5 Sophomore Derrick Mason M33 Ballers
6-6 Sophomore Lewis McCaster M33 Ballers
6-1 Sophomore Kellen Cade M33 Ballers
6-6 Sophomore Romero Osby MBA Magic
6-5 Junior Malcolm Ortez MBA Magic





By Harry Douglas



Wallace Prather, Jr.  was a basketball GURU and he helped a vast number of youth throughout his life in Georgia and in the country.  Wallace past from this world last year.  Not only did we loose a pioneer in Georgia prep hoops, but a great human being who would give the shirt off his back.  Wallace will always be remembered as the President of Atlanta Celtics. In his leadership role, he assembled some of the most talented prep basketball players, such as Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Darnell Harvey, Jermaine Jones,  Dion Glover and many more. The 1st Annual Wallace Prather Memorial Classic is shaping to be just as he would have wanted it to be.  

Carl McCray has appointed Cory Smith, known as Hulio the General Manager, the position that Mr. Wallace Prather, Jr. had.  Mr. Cory Smith has done a great job assembling top notch talent for the Classic.  Players such as 6-9 James Hickerson, 6-9 Gani Lawal, 6-9 Michael Beasley, 6-2 Nolan Smith, 6-10 Xavier Gibson, 6-2 Senario Hillman, 6-9 Julian Vaughn, 6-10 Brandon Walters, 6-7 Vincent Rogers, 6-4 Rakim Sanders, 6-9 Laron Dendy, 6-3 Cory Fisher, 6-3 Chris Allen, 6-5 Tony Neysmith and many more players.  We will bring you Day1,2, and 3.  For directions and schedule go to www.atlantaceltics.com






By Harry Douglas


Day Three was a blast and the Final is set.  All the traditional teams were sent home while the new kids on the block remained.  The Columbus Blazers was one game from having two 17 Under teams in the Finals.  Speaking of the Blazers, they are loaded with talent.  The other teams,  Team LP of Albany and  The Georgia Ballers played phenomenal  in the Quarter Finals.  The Columbus Blazers knocked off the Georgia Stars in what was a close game.  The Georgia Ballers beat the Atlanta Allstars in a three points thriller.  Team LP of Albany beat Team Georgia


Throughout the tournament, the Blazers performed consistently. 6-5 WF Kevin Martin of Cook County High  is a hard nose player, who rebounds, scores and plays good defense.  He's also a "Sleeper."  6-9 PF Will Coleman of Pacelli High has good upsize, works hard on both ends of the floor and rebounds well.  Soph. 6-4 WF Jarman Fortson of Carver High  is a strong player.  He has big-time written all on him.  Fortson can play positions 1-4.  Fr. 6-4 SG Jarvis Jones of Carver High is a strong, physical guard who can knock down the jumper.  He also has good up-size and is a high major player.  Soph. 6-10 PF Xavier Gibson of Northview High played hurt but Day 1 you could see his big-time potential.  Gibson is long and athletic.  Jr. 6-3 PG Patrick Grant has nice ball handling skills.  I was impressed with his consistency the entire weekend.  His size may fool you, grant he is quick.  7-0 C Brandon Baker showed a lot of promise.  He has a lot of ability and he has raw talent.  He needs some developing and teaching.  6-3 SG Patrick Powell is a long athlete who can knock down the jumper from 12 to 18 feet and he's a combo of Team LP of Albany.   Soph. 6-4 Combo Brian Bryant was very impressive this weekend.  Bryant can handle the rock, score different ways and has a nice jumper. In addition, he is long and athletic.  Jr. 6-6 SF Devaugh Thomas has good up-size.  He plays hard and rebounds on both ends of the floor.  Jr. 6-2 SG Wilbur Lake of Monroe High can knock down the jumper.  He's quick and is an athletic player.  Jr. 5-9 PG Marquis Clinton of Albany High is a small point guard who can break you down.  He has a nice jumper and can handle the rock.  


The Georgia Ballers: Jr. 6-4 SG Troy Jones of Newton County  High was phenomenal in the State Tournament.  Jones made 7 three's including a game high of 27 points.  Jones is long and has a nice stroke.  He needs to get stronger but has a lot of potential.  Sr. 6-2 PG Sean Usher who has a great feel for the game led the Georgia Ballers into the Final Four.  With his floor decisions, Usher played well. 


Inner Strength 17 Under Team: They displayed good talent.  6-6 Leonard Carr is a strong physical player, has good hands and feet.  He also scores around the basket and plays hard.  6-6 Jeron Belin is a long athletic player who plays 2-3-and 4 positions.  He has a lot of potential.  6-8 PF Richie Gordan has good upsize, he's long and plays with power.  He also plays good defense.    6-5 Martell Smith has a lot of potential.  He's always around the ball and makes things happen.  He played well this weekend.  6-2 SG Lyodan Jordan is a good looking prospect.  


Worldwide: 6-5 Teoandre Williams played great.  Williams is big-time, has good size, long, athletic and is a very respectful young man.  6-7 A. J. Hawkins played well.  He is a good rebounder who can score around the basket.  


Atlanta Allstars: 6-5 Robin McElroy is a long athletic player who can play the 2-3 positions.  He's a good looking prospect.  6-7 Conner Nolte is also a good looking prospect.  He played well throughout the tournament.  


South GA King: 6-6 WF James Sykes is a good prospect.  He's very athletic and plays 2-3-4 positions.  6-7  Roy Miller is along, thin lanky athlete.  He rebounds well on both ends and is a good prospect.  


Executive III displayed some good looking prospects.  6-5 WF Kerry Geter, Jr. of Miller Grove High played well.  He can handle the ball and score in transition.  6-8 SF Wynton Crossley of Stone Mountain High played solid.  He rebounds and block shots well.  He can knock down the jumper 12 to 15 feet.


Team Georgia Elite: 6-0 PG Junior Cadougan is a freshman who has nice size and plays like a senior.  He was phenomenal  and a true PG who can score.  6-7 WF Olu Ashaolu is a beast.  He played all the time and was unstoppable.  He is a strong player.  6-9 Chris Barnes played well and is a good looking prospect.




Brown is a Top 50 Freshman Nationally by 

Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine.  

His performance against the 15 Under Celtics 

on Saturday was proof.  Brown was the best on the floor.









      6-4 Lorenzo Brown

         Inner Strength




15 Under: The most exciting event of the evening was Inner Strength VS Atlanta Celtics.  Both teams are loaded with young talent.  The most notable Atlanta Celtics- 6-9 PF Derrick Favor and  6-5 WF Noel Johnson while Inner Strength came with 6-5 SG Lorenzo Brown,  5-8 PG Russell  Powell who was too hot to handle, 6-9 PF Brian Cole and  6-1 SG Kevon Jenkins.  But in this game Inner Strength jump out and never looked back. Atlanta Celtics 6-9 Derrick Favor was in foul trouble and fouled out with about 5 minutes left in the game.  Inner Strength Lorenzo Brown and Russell Powell stole the show.  Brown scored 22 points.  Powell put on the best ball handling skills in the gym.  As a matter of fact, Powell was phenomenal and may have been the best PG in the entire State Tournament.  Also, 6-4 Mario Vasser played good for Inner Strength.    6-8 PF Richard Howell also looked good for the Hurricanes.  6-3 WF Marcel Hawkins of the Blazers is a big-time player.  6-2 CG Mfon Udofia is a scoring machine.






By Harry Douglas


Georgia AAU State Qualifier began Friday, May 5, 2006 and runs through May 7, 2006.

Most of all the teams are balanced. Georgia is loaded with talent.  Team GA Elite and Atlanta Celtics don't come out of pool is not heard of with since tradition.  The Atlanta All Stars win the pool that the Georgia Stars are in.  Who was impressive on day two?  Team Inner Strength and Team LP Albany.  6-3 So. SG Brian Bryant of Team LP of Albany was very impressive.  Jr. 6-5 SG Dexter Shaw of Atlanta Green Jr. 6-6 WF Conner Nolte of Atlanta Allstars,  Jr. 6-8 Richie Gordon of Inner Strength, Jr. 6-3 SG Stephen Woods, Jr. 6-2 PG Lyndon Jordon, Jr. 6-7 SF Spencer Guy of Inner Strength, So. 6-4 SG Jarvis Jones of Columbia Blazers, Jr. 6-7 WF Rod Mitchell of Columbia Blazers and Jr. 7-0 Brandon Baker of Columbia Blazers.  


Pool play winners in Pool A: 1st Place Atlanta Allstars, 2nd Place Georgia Stars; Pool B: 1st Place Atlanta Select Grey and Clayton Stars; Pool C: 1st Place Columbus Blazers Black, 2nd Place Team GA Elite (LAW); Pool D: Columbus Blazers Red, Team LP Albany; Pool E: 1st Place Executive III, 2nd Place GA Stars (DH); Pool F: 1st Place Inner Strength, 2nd Place GA Ballers and 3rd Place Worldwide College Park.


Finals- coming later







By Harry Douglas



The Kingwood Classic was a classic tournament..  Hal Posner always does a great job with this tournament.  This is the only tournament in the country in which NIKE, Reebok and Adidas Teams play each other and other teams.   They were all are under one umbrella, but at the end it was Southern Cal Allstars who took home the crown.  Southern Cal Allstars destroyed the Georgia Blazers, beat Pharohs Black, Mean Streets, The Family and SYF to be crowned champions.  The SYF players knocked off Houston Elite, Metro Hawks, Portland Legends, Houston Hoops and Miami Topics.  The surprise of the tournament was TMAC Allstars, who knocked off Boo Williams and Juice Allstars.  Boo Williams came into Kingwood as one of the favored teams.  6-9 PF Kevin Love for Southern Cal is man-child.  Love is physical and strong and he punishes his opponents in the paint.  Southern Cal received great play from So. Brandon Jenning, So. Malik Story, Jr. Daniel Hackett and Jr. Taylor King.  I was also impressed with Mean Streets team who had some tough play from Jr. 6-8 Isiah Martin, 6-2 Jr. Trey Blue, Jr. 6-1 Jacob Pullen and 6-6 Jelani Poston.  Mean Streets knocked off some tough opponents such as Worldwide Renegades and Team Menlo only to lose to the champions Southern Cal Allstars.  


The Kingwood Classic was too huge to cover all players, but our staff was impressed with 6-5 Isaiah Jackson of Thunder Basketball, TMAC- So. 6-9 Steve Tchien Gang, So. 6-9 Greg Willis, So. 6-4 Dannin Harris, Jr. 6-8 Carlton Scott and  6-8 A. J. Hardeman.  All played well.  Howard Pulley Panthers, Jr. 6-7 SF Trevor Mabakwe and Jr. 6-5 SG Matt Janning was impressive.  Houston Super Stars: Jr. 6-9 Kodi Augustus played solid throughout the classic.  Houston Hardballers- Sr. 7-3 C Hasheem Thabeel could be a big-time player down the road.  Houston Heat- Jr. 6-1 PG Devin Gibson was an unknown player in the Kingwood, but played strong and had a big upset over Worldwide.  Gibson dropped 22 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds with college coaches from Oklahoma , Texas in the stands.  Houston Superstar Coach John Eurey stated to assistant Coach Ken McDonald from Texas that he's an unknown player.  McDonald replied that "he's not unknown anymore."  Boo Williams- So. 6-9 Ed Davis continued to show a lot of potential.  Jr. 6-8 PF Blake Griffin of Athletes First.  Jr. 6-7 Trevor Mabakwe, So. 5-10 PG Angelo Johnson of Howard Pulley played solid and knocked off the Atlanta Celtics in pool play.  


The state of Georgia showed up strong.  The Georgia Stars made it to the Final 8.  The Stars lost to Miami Topics.  The Atlanta Celtics made it to the Sweat Sixteen and lost to Houston Hoops.  The Georgia Hurricanes and the Smyrna Stars lost to Miami Topics.  The Georgia Hurricanes lost to Athletes First in the Second Round.  Georgia had strong play from Fr. 6-8 Derrick Favor of Atlanta Celtics, 6-5 WF Sr. Cameron Tatum and  Jr. 6-5 SG Terrell Bell Favor was one of the top underclassmen in the Kingwood Classic.  The Georgia Hurricanes- Jr. 6-5 CG Tony Neysmith, Jr. 6-8 WF Jeremy Simmon; The Georgia Stars: Jr. 6-8 Trey Lang had a strong performance; Jr. 6-9 Gani Lawal showed a lot of leadership and strong play to lead his team to the Final 8; 6-7 Charles Corbin played strong in the paint and on the boards; Jr. 6-9 PF Mark Veazey showed a lot of promising.  Keep your eyes on him.  Veazy could be a sleeper before its all over.  The Georgia Blazers- I was impressed with So. 6-4 Reginald Shepherd, Jr. 6-9 PF Will Coleman and So. 6-4 Jarman Fortson.  Atlanta Magic- Jr. 6-5 Jahaziel Howard, Jr. 6-6 SF Omar Prewitt and So. 6-6 WF Joel Lamp.  Omar Prewitt was very impressive on the boards and in the paint. The Smyrna Stars had a strong showing at the Kingwood Classic.  Jr. 6-9 Ladarius Green, 6-7 Markeith Cumming, Sr. 6-6 WF Justin Brownlee, Jr. 6-5 Austin Kelley, Jr. 6-1 Junard Hartley and Jr. 6-5 Torrey Pelloms all played well.  Worldwide had a boat load of college coaches to every game with standing room only.  Why?, Jr. 6-9 PF James Hickson, Jr. 6-3 SG Chris Allen, Sr. 6-4 SG Casey Mitchell, Jr. 6-6 SF B. J. Frasier and Jr. 6-9 PF Trey Lang. The team was loaded with talent and all the players played well.  They lost some close games. 




By Mike Patrick



The Real Deal lived up to its hype.  This tournament was first class all the way, a salute to the staff.  The championship game had at least seven D-1 players on both teams.  Warrior PG Aaron Johnson played with heart, toughness and floor leadership.  The Warrior held on for a 73-70 win.  The game featured 6-9 Michael Beasley, 6-1 Nolan Smith the Warriors got strong play from Brandon McGee, Manuel Cass, Michael McGahee and Justin Dehm all played great with their recruiting stock improving with  many college coaches in attendance this weekend.  Every year Coach Larry Butler finds players and ways to be there at the end.  DC Assault, who many pick to win the tournament came up a little short.  This talented team has nothing to be ashamed of.  Michael Beasley, Nokin Smith, Julian Vaugh, Austin Freeman all have great futures along with the rest of the DC Assault team.  



Georgia Teams and Players



J. J. Hickson has proven to be the best big man in 2007.  Hickson physical strength is incredible.  He has tremendous up size and has a good supporting cast.  6-3 Chris Allen, 6-4 SG unsigned Sr. Casey Mitchell, 6-8 Trey Lang, 6-6 SF Cameron Heyward and 6-6 B. J. Frazier.  Worldwide reached the Final Four only to lose to DC Assault by two points, in what was shaping up to be an All  Georgia Final.  










              J. J. Hickson


               Atlanta, GA



Yes,  the Atlanta Celtics took out Speice Central Stars, Dallas Mustangs and Utah Pump only to lose to Real Deal Champion Illinois Warriors by three points.  The Celtics had solid play from 6-6 WF Terrell Bell and  6-5 WF Cameron Tatum.  Tatum who mostly will commit Tennessee after de-committing from UNC, Charlotte.  6-9 Martavious Adams who committed to Georgia but stay tuned for this one.  The Celtics had good solid athletic team.  6-5 Andrew Goudelock, 6-7 Dontrell Hand, 6-5 Walter Hill, 6-1 Zack Swanson, 5-9 Jermarco Warren and 6-2 Senario Hillman.  This year, look for both of these Georgia teams to be a big force on the summer circuit.  Look for our staff in Houston working for the players.  Step up your game and maybe our staff next conversation to college coaches will be you.  Tell all ballers about us, youthprepstar.com.  We have been around for 13 years as your hoop resource.  The 6th Annual Super Select Champ unsigned Senior Showcase is coming this fall, this year.  








By Mike Patrick




Boo Williams Invitational Georgia Stars wins the 16 Under Division.  The Stars beat SC Ravens 71-64.  The game went back and forth.  6-8 Al- Faroug Aminu, 6-9 Tony Woods, 6-2 Tyrique Muhummed, 5-9 PG David Forrest, 6-7 Wesley Witherspoon were too much.  Throughout the tournament, all of these players impressive.  Recruiting Analyst Harry Douglas stated he spoke with the players the day before they left to Virginia, and they had confidence that they could win every tournament and they believed in Coach Bo Peak.  They are a great group is kids stated Harry Douglas.  





    6-8 SF Al- Faroug Aminu

            Norcross High



The Ravens had some good looking prospects.  6-6 Murphy Holloway from Dutch Fork (SC), 6-2 Sophomore Lashay Page from Latta (HS/SC) and 6-1 Sophomore Reggie Middlebrook (Augusta).  17 Under Boo Williams defeated Houston Hoops 67-63.  The same two teams a year ago played for the championship.  6-1 Chris Wright scored 19 points in the championship game.  Wright is from Washington DC (St. John).  I was also impressed with 6-8 Jr. Patrick Patterson of Huntington High (WA), 6-5 Benjamin Finney from Portsmouth (Norcom) (VA), 6-8 So. Ed Davis Mechanicville (Hanover)(VA).  Butt Patterson is a beast and he reminds me of Duke Crews who played for Boo last year.  Patterson is a big, strong player who loves contact.  He's  also a strong rebounder and tough on defense.  Patterson stated that he likes Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech.








By Harry Douglas


The AAU National Boy's Super Regional Tournament was hosted by Macon youth Basketball Association.  the founder and President is Wilbur Whitfield.  Whitfield has been involved in youth activities for 30 years.  He coached from 1994 through 2005.  Macon Youth association did a great job with the super Regional.  there were 40 teams with four divisions, 14-15-16 and 17.  Mr. Reginald Moore and Shmura Glen  was very good with keeping the score sheets and Stats.  The super Regional had some good talent.


Tournament Breakdown: The most impressive player in the tournament was a 14 year old player.  The most impressive team was 14 Under Team Georgia Elite who was coached by Ronnie Williams.  The 14 Under team Georgia Elite was unstoppable.  There was no team that came within 25 points.  The best player was 14 year-old Neiko Hunter.  Team Georgia Elite Hunter went for 30 points, 5-7 from the three point area, including two master dunks in the Semi-finals.  In 18 minutes of playing time, Hunter was awesome throughout the tournament.  He is a 6-3 SG big-time player.  Team Georgia Elite 14 Under team is loaded.  There is at least six to seven D-1 prospects on this team.  I haven't seen an AAU team like this since my AAU Team Atlanta Prep Stars; who won 5 State championships consecutively.  On that team was Dwight Howard (NBA), Toney Douglas (FSU), Clifford Hammonds (Clemson), Jason Venson (Central Florida), Khaliq Gant (Cornell), Brandon Emerson (Savannah State), Mike Walker (Western KY and Perez Parks (Unknown).  Team Georgia Elite 14 Under Team may be the best team in the Super Regional Tournament.  


Team Georgia Elite faced the 14 Under Georgia Hurricanes for the championship.  It was a better game than the first match up in which Team Georgia elite won by 28 points.  In the championship game, 6-3 Robert Honor scored 30 points.  Honor is the young brother of Alexander Johnson of Florida State.  6-2 Terrell Fitts scored 14 points, Brandon Johnson scored 8 points, 6-8 Darnealious Session scored 12 points with 8 rebounds, 6-5 Kinn Leonard scored 10 points.  Leonard is the cousin of Gerald Wallace.  6-1 Desmond Grissom scored 6 points with 4 assists and 3 rebounds.  The Georgia Hurricanes received great performance from 6-4 Lonnie Kendrick who scored 25 points.  Kendrick played hard throughout the tournament.    



Meet the Georgia Elite 14 Under Super Regional Champs









15 Under Division


The Georgia Stars wasn't having home cooking.  the Stars played hometown team Macon Magic for the Championship in what was a very hard fought and physical game.  The Stars were too much.  6-5 Omari Murry scored 16 points, 6-4  John Brogden scored 10 points with 6 rebounds, 6-1 Charles Carr scored 9 points, 6-1 Arris Brundridge scored 11 points and 5-6 Ryan Flemming scored 7 points with 6 assists.  The Stars led most of the game but it was the play of Omar Murry and Arris Brundige that put the Stars over the top.  This is a good looking 15 Under Team that plays together as a unit.  


Meet the Georgia Stars 15 Under Super Regional Champs






16 Under Division was all Carolina final.  The Carolina Eagles defeated the North Carolina Triad Titans.  The Eagles were led by 6-5 Earl Campbell who scored 14 points,  6-7 Chris Long scored 16 points, 5-10 Johnathan Hathcook scored 6 points, Nathan Powers scored 8 points, Brian Garcia 7 points and Seth Curry scored 24 points.  The Eagles led the entire game.  The Titans were led by 6-10 Bryan Roberts who scored  18 points, 6-5 Kendall Smith scored 10 points and Nick Spinks scored 9 points.  



Meet the Carolina Eagles 16 Under Super Regional Champs






The 17 Under Division was won by the Middle Georgia Bucks.  The Bucks defeated the Georgia Baller.  The Baller fell behind 21-2 and it just to bigger road to climb.  The Baller were missing two of their starters, but the Bucks received good play from 6-7 Rashard Castleberry.  6-1 Marvin Harris, 6-2 Chris Cromartie.  The Baller received good performance from 6-2 Sean Usher, 6-6 Terrance Smith, 6-2 Marcus Ford and 5-7 Michael Griffin.



All Tournament Team


These players were impressive and consistently played throughout the tournament.  We may have missed a couple of players.  The rosters provided by the coaches helps provides other information to aid in their evaluation.  Thanks to all the coaches who provide their roster.  Our scouting service deal with over 200 college coaches and our job is to help players.  






   6-3 CG- CJ Gordon                                            6-10 Bryan Roberts                             6-5 WF Omari Murry                        

 SW Macon Macon High                                        Randelmann High                                     Sprayberry High        

      Macon, Georgia                                               Pleasant Garden, NC                                  Marietta, Georgia






Neiko Hunter 6-3 SG 14 Under Team Georgia Elite
Robert Honor 6-3 WF 14 Under Team Georgia Elite
Terrell Fitts 6-2 CG 14 Under Team Georgia Elite
Darnealious Session 6-7 SF 14 Under Team Georgia Elite
Lonnie Kendrick 6-4 WF 14 Under Team Georgia Elite
Arris Brundidge 5-10 CG 15 Under Georgia Stars
Charles Carr 6-1 SG 15 Under Georgia Stars
Glen Rice 6-1 SG 15 Under Georgia Stars
Ryan Flemming 5-7 PG 15 Under Georgia Stars
Omari Murry 6-4 WF 15 Under Georgia Stars
C. J. Gordon 6-2 SG 15 Under Macon Magic
Kendall Threatt 6-3 WF 15 Under Macon Magic
DeQuan Moore 6-2 WF 15 Under Macon Magic
Nathan Bower 6-7 SF 16 Under Carolina Eagles
Earl Campbell 6-4 WF 16 Under Carolina Eagles
Seth Curry 6-1 SG 16 Under Carolina Eagles
Dion Foster 6-4 SF 16 Under Carolina Eagles
Bryan Roberts 6-1 Triad Titans
Nick Spinks 6-1 Triad Titans
Willie Brezial 6-6 Macon Bucks
Jason Brown 6-3 Macon Bucks
Rashard Castleberry 6-7 Middle Georgia Bucks
Marvin Harris 6-1 Middle Georgia Bucks
Chris Cromatie 6-2 Middle Georgia Bucks
Sean Usher 6-2 Georgia Baller
Jeremy Allen 6-7 Georgia Baller
Terrance Smith 6-6 Georgia Baller
Michael Griffin 5-7 Georgia Baller



Please note that these players are young and need time to develop.  



We were really impressed with 6-3 Neiko Hunter 14 Under who can shoot the lights out and stuff it on you.  He has the total package.  14 years old 6-7 Brandon Johnson of Albany is a strong active player around the basket.  He has a nice mid-range jumper.  14 years old 6-3 Robert Honor works hard around the basket.  He has a lot of potential.  14 years old  6-4 Lonnie Kendrick is a player with a lot of heart.  Kendrick  can play the 2,3 and 4.  He scores many different ways  and has a lot of potential. 14 years old Team Georgia 5-10 PG Jermyrin Bodiford- remember this name.  He's a true point guard who can do it all.  I love his floor vision.  He will attend Cairo high school next year.  14 years old 6-2 Combo Terrell Fitts has a good up-size.  Fitts is a strong physical player who is already a man.  He's a slasher and can knock down the jumper from 12 to 18 feet.  Fitts has big-time potential.  15 years old C. J. Gordon from Macon is going to be a good, solid player.  Gordon  has good size and can shoot the ball.  15 years old 6-5 WF Omar Murry of Georgia Stars is a strong solid player.  Murry runs the floor, rebounds and is very athletic around the basket.  He has some hops and a lot of potential.  15 years old 6-0 Arris Brundidge of Georgia Stars is athletic and quick.  Brundidge is a combo guard with good handles.  He has a lot of potential.  16 year old 6-6 PF Willie Brezial is a horse on the board.  He's very active around the basket and his a man-child.  16 years old 6-10 Bryan Roberts showed a lot of promise.  He's very offensive minded, a solid rebounder and he has good post moves.  16 years old 6-5 Earl Campbell is a solid consistent player who does it all.  He rebounds, scores and plays good defense.  16 years old 6-7 Nathan Bower is a long player who rebounds and blocks shots.  He scores in many different ways.  





By Harry Douglas


The 17 Under Atlanta Celtics and 17 Under world Wide Renegades finished in the Final 8 in the Playz Invitational in New Jersey.  The Celtics lost to the Long Island Lighting and World Wide lost to the Playz.  Both teams will be playing in the Houston Kingswood Classic on April 21-23rd.


The Marietta Heat Classic  was held at Wheeler High School and Anderson Boy's Club in the 17 Under bracket.   The 16 Under Celtics knocked off 17 Under Georgia Stars White Team.  Sophomore 6-5 WF Delwan Graham, 6-1 Jamal Day and 6-9 Chris Singleton led the Celtics to victory over the stars.  The 17 Under WAAA Tarheels knocked off Marietta Devils.  The 16 Under Celtics destroyed the Tarheels in the Championship game.  6-9 Chris Singleton, 6-1 Jamal Day, 6-0 Chris Beasley, 6-5 Delwan Graham, 5-10 Pierre Jordan were  too much. The half-time score was 53-32. 


The 16 Under Smyrna Stars captured the crowd by beating the Marietta Devils.  6-10 Carter McMaster, Dominigue McDuffie, 6-6 Curtis Williams played a big role in the victory.  Overall, the classic had decent talent.  Our staff were impressed with the Georgia Stars: 6-6 Akeem McKinney, 6-5 Terrence Brown and 5-9 Chris Kupets; Smyrna Stars 6-10 Carter McMasters; WAAA Tarheels 6-5 Terrall Caldwell, 5-2 James Jackson; Marietta Devils 6-2 Erik Edwards, 6-5 Antonio Cass and 6-3 Cameron Quin; Atlanta Celtics 6-0 Chris Beasley, 5-10 Pierre Jordan, Chris Singleton, Delwan Graham and Jamal Day.  Smyrna Stars 6-6 Curtis Williams, Dominique McDuffie, 6-0 Jeremy Flagg and unsigned senior 6-5 Antonio Cass were very impressive.  Antonio Cass was a good, quality player and a Top 6 Player in the tournament.  Cass is a wing forward who is explosive and can knock down the jumper from 12 to 15 feet.  He's a low, mid-major or high D-2 player.  6-9 Chris Singleton was the best player in the tournament.  Singleton has big time potential and needs to keep developing.  6-1 Jamal Day is a solid point guard who plays with a lot of heart.  He has good floor vision and creates off the dribble.  Keep your eyes on Day.  He could be one of the best guards in Class of 2008.  6-5 Delwan Graham is very athletic and the sky is the limit for him.  He needs to continue to work hard and develop.  He's a big-time player.  6-0 Chris Beasley could be a sleeper.  Beasley is a quick guard who can shoot and create.  He needs to get stronger.  Although its early and the players are showing a lot of potential, they have a long summer season. Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine will attend most of the events this summer.  Players, continue to work hard and improve your game.